Michael Change in action on the court

Michael Chang –Great Tennis Player …Greater Person

Michael Chang’s heyday on the courts have come and gone but he is still impacting people today. He shares his belief in God and what that means to him. He is the real deal. This video shows you an insight to Michael that possibly you have not seen before. He talks about the time he played Ivan Lendl and Michael was only 17 years of age. This was the turning point of his tennis career.

Michael had heart and he was very competitive but tennis is not what he lives for. So enjoy the video and perhaps draw some nuggets from what he has to say, then visit the Michael Chang family foundation.

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Stop the Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is an epidemic. It needs to be stopped but how. In this video a brave young lady shares the sickness that is Cyber Bullying. I don’t think parents understand how much of an epidemic this is.


School should not be a place where you try to survive it should be a place where you thrive and lay a foundation for the future. Please lets do all we can to stop the epidemic of Cyber Bullying….

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The War Of Words –Doug Kooy

Unknown-4 Now this is not a war fought with guns and ammunition, this is a war fought with words. To be honest the war of words is the biggest war being fought.

In advertising we are always looking for just the right words to capture the minds of people. Nike and Just do it, McDonald’s with you deserve a break today are just examples of how words associate us with products. I remember an ad for a shaving cream and it showed a guy in a bath towel and a beautiful blond who enters his bathroom and starts running her fingers through the young mans head and says, take it off, take it all off. Now you know she is talking about shaving. So you go out and buy thirty tubes of the shaving cream and hope for the best.

Have a listen to this short video blog and let me know what you think. Have a great day.


T.J. Jakes Why Did God Choose Me?

T.J. Jakes is an amazing communicator. I have heard him speak some amazing sermons. In this video he gets real, very real. It is amazing to me the people God uses. Most of the people were not the ones we might call into leadership. The disciples were from various walks of life. Peter denied Christ, the others bailed during his crucifixion. Paul was reported to have put Christians to death, David was an adulterer and a killer. God seems to take broken people and then he fills them up with himself and they become world changers.

Here is a truth, if you wait for God to make you perfect before He will use you, you will die before perfection. God uses us in spite of our faults. We may think we have certain skills and abilities but they fail in comparison to what God has in store for us. He wants us to dream big dreams and have amazing vision. I do not care what your lot is in life God can build something great on it.

God did not send Jesus to condemn the world He sent Jesus to save the world. Save us from ourselves and our selfish ambitions and desires. He has a plan for our life and a destiny. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” He is talking about the life of God living in us and through us. You might say your not worthy, well you are right but it is not about you it is about what God has done for us through Jesus.

Listen to Pastor Jakes it is an amazing story. So What Do You Think. href=”http://sowhatdoyouthink.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/images-4.jpeg”>images-4


Born For Purpose-Les Brown

Many people get up miserable, instead of saying good morning God they say good God it’s morning. This is not how God created you to live. He created you for purpose. This video is powerful, it is about being an overcomer instead of being overcome. It features a clip from the Jackie Robinson film. A young man who blazed the way for Afro Americans to play major league baseball and it was anything but easy. How you handle the tough times, the valleys is what builds greatness in you. You may have failed personally and you have a difficult time forgiving yourself. Take it from someone who knows it is hard to get off the floor but what is the alternative. Your business may be failing, your relationships are difficult but you have the keys to make it all better.

This video if viewed correctly can allow you to refocus. To realize that you are not alone, nor are you the first one to go through what you are going through. The key is faith. King David said, “I would have lost heart but I chose to believe that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Now that is vision, seeing things that are not but in reality they are because you see life through the lens of faith.

I do hope this video encourages you. In a world of discouragement we need to be encouraged. Life is all about attitude and how you see things. So what is your attitude towards life. Are you a fighter, a person who does not quit? Do you believe you have a purpose to fulfil during this brief stint on planet earth? Well raise up and be that person. You can do it, I believe in you…and so does God.

So What Do YOu Think?


I Will Wait For Him–Janette….IKZ

I have become a fan of Spoken Word. I have tried it myself and it is difficult but some people just sem to have the gift. Janette…Ikz shares a truth that every women who calls themselves a Christian should listen to. How many times have I seen people in bad relationships that were caused by loneliness or heat of the moment passion. People who have ended up broken and bruised because the person they married was not the person they thought or wanted them to be.

So here is some wisdom delivered in a very creative way. Hopefully is not just enjoyed and put away but that it is actually heard and understood and acted on. The power of words are only powerful when they are acted on. Words are containers that carry faith or fear so it is so important what words you act on. Hopefully this is for someone that needs to hear these words and perhaps by acting on them it will save a whole load of heartache. So What DO YOU THINK? janette20ikz20_bmp


Gene Simmons Is A Tebow Fan

So if you would have told me that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame would be defending Tim Tebow I am not sure I would believe you…but here it is on video the proof…Gene Simmons is a Tebow supporter. Do you know what I support Gene Simmons. I enjoyed his TV show and I was hooked when he started to share his love for Shannon and the journey he and Shannon took to get married and in the process heal their relationship. The Bible says the truth will set you free and Gene shared his dark secrets with the one he loved and I believe God restored what could have been a disaster of a relationship.


Nick Vujicic

There Is So Much More

Nick drives me crazy. This guy is by far the most inspirational person I have ever known. He is only about three feet tall mainly because he has no arms or legs but his heart is bigger than anyone I know.
Sometimes we feel like we are going through a valley with no way out. After hearing Nick’s story I think my valleys are very superficial.

Nick Vujicic

Will Smith

Running And Reading — Will Smith’s wisdom

Will Smith talks about reading and running. Ok I can read but running is difficult. The discipline of a daily run is something I admire. Personally I swim and everyday is a chore to make it to the Y but everyday I do I feel so much better for it.

I love the passion in Will’s voice. Hopefully this inspires a whole lot of people to some sort of disciplined exercise. So here is to reading and running… go for it.

Jesus Culture

Your Love Never Fails

A popular movement today is called “The Jesus Culture.” It reminds me of the Jesus People Movement which happened about 35 years ago. Just when everyone was saying, God is Dead the Jesus People Movement broke out and the saying God is dead was dead.

Many people say that Christianity is in a downward spiral. If you look at the stats for traditional churches I could see how one might believe that. However when you look at the rise of the Mega Churches and the Jesus Culture movement you might have a different opinion.

I recently returned from Redding California. Terry and I visited Bethel Church and we were overwhelmed. The key word was passion. Young, old and everything in between were totally caught up in Jesus. They took the time to let God do His thing in the services and for me coming out of a very structured Church where you knew exactly what was going to happen when this was very refreshing.

I also liked the idea that miracles were thought of as the norm. When they prayed they believed something was going to happen and it often does. Bethel has a school of ministry that has about 2000 people from all over the world attending. The town of Redding has been affected in a big way. Matter of fact if you go to the Redding website you will notice that Bethel is one of the must see attractions listed on there website.

So I thought I would give you a taste of Bethel. I understand that Bethel has its critics but I would have a little wild-fire then smoulder away in mediocrity. I love the idea also that it is not a one man show. The amount of people who ministry, I don’t mean usher or park cars or serve communion, which are not bad things to do, but the amount of people who minister is so cool. The pastor of the Church is secure in His calling and has empowered the believers and the impact is obvious.

Enjoy the music you can find a ton of it on You Tube and Bethel also has something called Bethel

Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic … My Hero Is Now A Married Man

It just keeps getting better, now Nick is married. A wonderful young lady has chosen to look beyond the physical and fell in love with the person. You may have heard his story but watch this video and let it speak to you again. I do not know what you are going through but if Nick Vujicic can overcome the limitations he has just think what you can do.

So Nick is married for a while now and guess what? They are expecting a child. I know one thing their child will be one of the most loved of all children in the world. I also know that Nick will and his wife will make phenomenal parents. Congratulations.

Enjoy the video… you may want to comment and tell me, So What Do You Think?

For those who like to watch what they say


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