Why America is not the greatest country in the world anymore!

In 2012 an innovative television series called The Newsroom opened its first show with a segment called “Why America IS Not Great Anymore.”

This was some brilliant writing and it shocked a lot of folks. The amazing thing is the truth that was shared needed to be heard. Its to bad this series is not being shown. It was simply brilliant.

Oprah- Words Of Wisdom

Oprah is an amazing lady. She has overcome great obstacles to become one of the most powerful women in the world today. I have watched a number of her presentations lately and I have been very moved. Oprah is who she is… and she is a deeply spiritual person who has rediscovered her faith in Jesus Christ.

I think because she is so popular she is open to a lot of judgement. I guess it comes with the territory but I decided to listen to what she had to say and I must admit I have been deeply moved. She has a gift and it is the gift of communication but her gift does not come because of her great education her gift comes from God and the ability to be vulnerable and real. I thank God that she was willing to share her gift with the world… the world is a better place because of Oprah.

Sound Engineers –Very funny

So often we hear these great recordings of singers and then we go to their concerts and it never sounds the same. A good sound engineer is worth their weight in Gold. I think they may be able to make me sound good… ok that’s a stretch. This a funny but very close to the real thing when it comes to recording some very famous people who desire to sing but need the help of a creative sound engineer. –Enjoy!

Never Again!

While in Israel filming the movie The Original Promise I was moved to write a commentary. I believe Masada symbolizes the State of Israel. Masada was a fortress for over nine hundred Jews who held off the most powerful army of its time and instead of giving into slavery they sacrificed there own lives and never gave up there freedom. I asked singer songwriter Colin Wiebe to write a song and perform it on Masada. The song Colin wrote is a an amazing piece of music. The words are inspired and prophetic.

Two young lads bring the house down

Two young boys bring down the crowd. The lyrics are about bullying. Have you ever been bullied? I have when I was in high school and believe me it is not fun. I am not for sure why people bully others but it has not stopped and some say it has gotten worse. Perhaps if you have been bullied you could share how it affected you and what you did to get over it, if indeed you have gotten over it.

Michael Chang –Great Tennis Player …Greater Person

Michael Chang’s heyday on the courts have come and gone but he is still impacting people today. He shares his belief in God and what that means to him. He is the real deal. This video shows you an insight to Michael that possibly you have not seen before. He talks about the time he played Ivan Lendl and Michael was only 17 years of age. This was the turning point of his tennis career.

Michael had heart and he was very competitive but tennis is not what he lives for. So enjoy the video and perhaps draw some nuggets from what he has to say, then visit the Michael Chang family foundation.

So What do you think?

Running And Reading — Will Smith’s wisdom

Will Smith talks about reading and running. Ok I can read but running is difficult. The discipline of a daily run is something I admire. Personally I swim and everyday is a chore to make it to the Y but everyday I do I feel so much better for it.

I love the passion in Will’s voice. Hopefully this inspires a whole lot of people to some sort of disciplined exercise. So here is to reading and running… go for it.

Your Love Never Fails

A popular movement today is called “The Jesus Culture.” It reminds me of the Jesus People Movement which happened about 35 years ago. Just when everyone was saying, God is Dead the Jesus People Movement broke out and the saying God is dead was dead.

Many people say that Christianity is in a downward spiral. If you look at the stats for traditional churches I could see how one might believe that. However when you look at the rise of the Mega Churches and the Jesus Culture movement you might have a different opinion.

I recently returned from Redding California. Terry and I visited Bethel Church and we were overwhelmed. The key word was passion. Young, old and everything in between were totally caught up in Jesus. They took the time to let God do His thing in the services and for me coming out of a very structured Church where you knew exactly what was going to happen when this was very refreshing.

I also liked the idea that miracles were thought of as the norm. When they prayed they believed something was going to happen and it often does. Bethel has a school of ministry that has about 2000 people from all over the world attending. The town of Redding has been affected in a big way. Matter of fact if you go to the Redding website you will notice that Bethel is one of the must see attractions listed on there website.

So I thought I would give you a taste of Bethel. I understand that Bethel has its critics but I would have a little wild-fire then smoulder away in mediocrity. I love the idea also that it is not a one man show. The amount of people who ministry, I don’t mean usher or park cars or serve communion, which are not bad things to do, but the amount of people who minister is so cool. The pastor of the Church is secure in His calling and has empowered the believers and the impact is obvious.

Enjoy the music you can find a ton of it on You Tube and Bethel also has something called Bethel

Nick Vujicic … My Hero Is Now A Married Man

It just keeps getting better, now Nick is married. A wonderful young lady has chosen to look beyond the physical and fell in love with the person. You may have heard his story but watch this video and let it speak to you again. I do not know what you are going through but if Nick Vujicic can overcome the limitations he has just think what you can do.

So Nick is married for a while now and guess what? They are expecting a child. I know one thing their child will be one of the most loved of all children in the world. I also know that Nick will and his wife will make phenomenal parents. Congratulations.

Enjoy the video… you may want to comment and tell me, So What Do You Think?


Years ago I was given a book written by Dennis Waitley called “The Psychology of winning.” In this book he shared some of the secrets that world-class athletes use that gives them the winners edge. As a Christian I found that most of what Dennis shares comes from Biblical principles. The idea of how you think is how you are is powerful. It was in this book that I first heard the statement about people who live on some day Isle. You know the person, someday I will go back to school, someday I will take those guitar lessons, someday I will travel the world. They never bring the I will into the I now.

The other principal is how you view things in your inner man. The great putter sees the putt in the hole before he actually putts the ball. The basketball player who sees the ball going into the hoop before he shoots the ball. The person who views life with a positive attitude and believes he or she will succeed at a given project. They are the kind of people who do not give up and if they fail they say something like, “will I found out how not to do it now let’s get on with finding out how to do it.” Attitude is such a key ingredient to success on planet earth.

Dennis tells the story of the prisoner of war who everyday played 18 holes of golf in his prison cell. He had a broom stick and his imagination. After spending a few years as a prisoner of war he was released and after a brief time of recovery he decided to play golf, on a real golf course, with his buddies. He shot a great round of golf and his friends were amazed. How did you do that? He answered, easy I have played golf everyday for three years in my jail cell.

The truly great athlete sees things that others don’t. When they lose they see it as a stepping block to winning. They have a goal in mind and the see themselves attaining that goal, a few losses along the way does not stop them from attaining their destiny. They preserver, they know that if they put in the work and keep on course that someday, sooner or later they will hit their goal.

Personally I have been knocked down a lot. The thing is I come from a positive fun-loving family. We are very competitive but we do not quit. My dad was a great example of that. He hated to lose but when he did have the losses he picked himself up, dusted himself off and stayed in the game. He had the ability to laugh when others would get bitter. Dad never got bitter he just kept getting better. I miss him he was a great inspiration in my life. Dad was at every game and most of my practices. I got a little embarrassed sometimes but I would give anything to look over the fence now and see my dad again. Enjoy Dennis Waitley and tell me, So What Do You Think?

A great truth

OK, I must admit I have not listened to Tony Robbins before. I did read a couple of chapters out of his book, but for some reason he never connected with me. So I saw this video on you tube. It is called “The Greatest Secret Ever.” Well how do you not watch a video that has that as a title? So I listened and what he has to say is profoundly simple but a key to living a great life. We are a product of the decisions that we make.
What we focus on is what we will get. (Seek and You shall find) Decisions equal destinies.

Here is a powerful truth, you were not born to lose you were born to choose. If you do not like something you have the power to change it. The book I read a lot says, “Choose (make a decision) on who you are going to serve. When Jesus called people he gave them a choice, Follow me or not.

One day I meet a beautiful young lady and I made a decision that I was going to ask her to be my wife. It was by far one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. One day I decided that I would become a follower of Jesus Christ, this has proven to be a great decision. I have also made some really bad decisions in my life. For a long time I choose to be bitter and unforgiving, those decisions almost cost me my life. I have chosen to hold grudges far to long. I made decisions knowing that they were the wrong decisions. (It is called rebellion) I paid a dear price.

A number of years ago I decided that I would try to major on things that mattered and let go of the things that were not really that important. So the decisions I make today I would hope are relationship decisions. I want to encourage people and I desire to spend quality time with the people I love. I would love to make a lot of money but not at the expense of my family I value my friends more than I value a bank account.

So give Tony a listen, I believe he has something powerful to say. This is a Biblical concept and it is one of the keys to living on planet earth. So What Do You Think?