Raging Ron on Riots

Raging Ron talks about the Canucks and what would happen if they do not win the Stanley Cup? People would riot in the streets. If they do win the Cup, people will riot in the streets. So what is the deal about people rioting because of a sporting event? We do not riot over high taxes or improper legislation but if our hockey team does not make it watch out. So what do you think?


This man’s name is Steven. He hangs out on one of Gas towns side streets and he helps people find parking stalls. He has done some jail time and he has a daughter in Ontario and some Grandchildren. Steven is not homeless but he does work the streets everyday. He has been working at helping people find a spot to park for the past five years. It is a simple life but for him it is a life that he says he enjoys. So meet Steven.


So what do you think Lifestyle is featuring this month people of the street. Today meet one of my friends by the name of Mike. This guy is the hardest working most underpaid people I know. He spent 17 years in jail and is one of the most brutally honest people I have ever known. Mike is an open book and I always enjoy our conversations. I talked with him the other day and I hope you enjoy some of the conversation I had with Mike. I hope you have the opportunity to visit Gastown in Vancouver B.C. and when you do look for Mike and let him know you saw him on the so what do you think channel. He will get a kick out of that.

Isn’t it Time that Women Acheive Equality in the Workplace?

The world has seen so many successful women especially in the last 50 years. Their strength, determination, and willingness to advance themselves professionally has been inspirational and motivational for young women all around the world. With Mother’s Day upon us, I can’t help but think of the most successful thing that a woman can do to be the best that they can – to raise a child within this day and age. However, being a great Mother isn’t the only way to be a great person within this world albeit the world needs great mothers.

We had a chance to catch up with an amazingly powerful and inspiration woman named Aleksandra. She is the brains behind Vancouver Heartbeat and we’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future – no doubts about that. Women have come a long way in a ‘man’s world’ but they still have some ways to go before they reach their ultimate goal of achieving absolute equality within the workplace with men. Aleksandra’s goal is to bridge the gap that remains and although she has made great strides in her professional life, she has a bold inspiring dream to become the first female President in her home country of Macedonia!

Without further adieu, it is with great honour to introduce Aleksandra Rea. She has lots to talk about and we would like to know your thoughts. So what do you think?

What comes to mind when I say the word “God”?

I stepped out onto the streets of Vancouver to ask the question “what comes to mind when I say the word ‘God'”. Some interesting perspectives from folks out there, the most common reaction being the “Hmm, that’s a tough one”.

Watch the video, and tell me what you think.
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Have You Heard Anything Good Lately?

So What Do You Think received this from one of our viewers. This is an amazing story and it makes you think about the world around you and the people within it. I think we may do something similar in the Vancouver area and I know some talented people who would help us do this. Keep looking for a potential future story on this.
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Prince of Pot has lost a lot

420 Protest 2009

Photo taken at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2009 during the 420 Protest.

The saying goes, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. In the case of the self proclaimed King of Pot Marc Emery wants to do the crime but would love to have no time. I think in life you need to pick your battles carefully. Personally going to jail for any amount of time is never desired. Marc knew that his campaign for legalized Marijuana is, at best, an up—hill battle. He also knew that the United States is very clear on their stance in regards to drugs — and particularly that they consider Marijuana to be a “schedule 1” drug, which is the same category in which they place things like heroin. Marc continually took it to the edge and the powers that be came down hard on him. Now he will spend a number of years in jail. Emery has been asking people for their support in his battle and I guess that is fair game. There are many people in North America that would like to have Pot legalized.

Here is the deal. How far are you willing to go for something that you believe in? You see, the thing that keeps our society civil is something called the rule of law. If you are willing to keep the laws you stay out of jail however if you think the laws are unjust, you protest and you try to change the laws through legal means. If you are so persuaded that the laws are wrong and to make a statement you break those laws, then be prepared to pay the piper.

Marc Emery is the King of Pot and the king’s court will now be held in jail but Emery knew that going in. It’s a lot to pay for a high. Emery desires to have a business which is lawful and will make a ton of money. That is the American way. Right now he is paying a price to hopefully see that come true and he broke the law and according to that same American Way he is paying the price. It looks now like a life is to quote Cheech and Chong, up in smoke.

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Plenty of Fish – Two Peas in a Pod

Two Peas in a PodLike many other websites, you may have noticed that we publish advertisements at the top and right of this site, which contribute a little to the running costs of hosting our website. The banner at the top of the site and the top advertising banner on the right both contain advertisements that we publish are both provided by Google’s Ad-sense program, who examine our page content and then place advertisements from their inventory that are hopefully applicable to the content on the page.

I say all this by way of introduction to one of the the most successful Ad-Sense program publishers that Google have ever had, a free online dating site that was created by Vancouver’s Markus Frind, called Plenty Of Fish. Markus was spectacularly successful with the site, that is today the largest online dating site in the world, much larger than eHarmony, Match.COM and Lavalife that we regularly see advertised on television in North America. Plenty of Fish reportedly get over 31 million people visiting the site monthly with of the order of 2 billion page views. As an Ad-Sense publisher, this has meant that Markus has been earning around a million dollars a month from Google simply by presenting those 31 million people looking for someone with targeted advertisements.
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Is this how we want to remember this historic day?

Watch above as Vice President Joe Biden turns and whispers “This is a F—ing Big Deal” in President Barack Obama’s ear, after introducing him at the historic signing of the new US Health Care Bill. No doubt a big deal indeed!
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Why can’t 884 Million People have access to Clean Water?

World Water Day 2010884 Million People world wide do not have access to clean water, and one child dies every 19 seconds from a lack of clean water. We live in a Country that has the second highest water quality in the world after Finland (according to UN Water), so that makes it very hard to even appreciate figures such as that. In reality many people have to walk an average of 6km (3.7 miles) to collect water for their day – and their reward is not the pristine stuff we are used to having at our fingertips here, but rather a cloudy brown brew, that is normally filtered through a piece of cloth – effective at removing most of the gunk, but very ineffective at removing micro-organisms and other water born pathogens.
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Do you stop to think about the power of your choices in life?

Her name is Ljiljana Ljubisic, however, she simply goes by the name Lilo. Lilo is a five time Paralympic Athlete and World Class discus and shot put thrower who has recorded 19 international podium finishes including a gold medal at the Summer Paralympics Games, Barcelona 1992.

Lilo has parlayed nearly two decades of competing in Paralympic Sport into a commitment to sport for athletes with a disability. She has even received the United States Sports Academy’s “Juan Antonio Samaranch IOC Disabled Athlete Award” for her outstanding achievements in sport and her commitment to helping others to overcome challenges.
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With a new album and a Canadian Tour, will Laurell stay on top?

Vancouver born Laurell is all packed up with her road crew in a freshly wrapped RV, hitting all the major cities from Vancouver to Kingston (Ontario – not Jamaica), for her cross-country Canadian tour to promote her newest album, “Can’t Stop Falling.” The first single of the same name has broken into the top 30 on several charts including the Canadian BDS Published CANADIAN spins chart and the Canadian Mediabase Published HOT AC spins chart. Laurell isn’t a stranger to success as she carries with her the prestigious honour of winning CHUM Radio’s Emerging Indie Artist Initiative as well as she was named Virgin Radio’s Best of BC Artist for 2009.
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