Let’s go for a ride in the park – naked!

I cannot believe that I am talking about this. The world has changed. The old saying when anything goes everything goes. So today our children have the opportunity of seeing grown ups parade themselves on our city street completely nude and doing so in the name of charity. So what do you think? Would you like your child focusing there eyes on people who feel they have every right to expose themselves to children. So what do you think. Anything goes or perhaps we should reevaluate how society as a whole conducts itself. Is it old fashioned or is it a sign of how perverse our society has become? Is morality something of the past or do we need a resurgence? So what do you think. [fb-share]

Isn’t it Time that Women Acheive Equality in the Workplace?

The world has seen so many successful women especially in the last 50 years. Their strength, determination, and willingness to advance themselves professionally has been inspirational and motivational for young women all around the world. With Mother’s Day upon us, I can’t help but think of the most successful thing that a woman can do to be the best that they can – to raise a child within this day and age. However, being a great Mother isn’t the only way to be a great person within this world albeit the world needs great mothers.

We had a chance to catch up with an amazingly powerful and inspiration woman named Aleksandra. She is the brains behind Vancouver Heartbeat and we’ll be seeing a lot more from her in the future – no doubts about that. Women have come a long way in a ‘man’s world’ but they still have some ways to go before they reach their ultimate goal of achieving absolute equality within the workplace with men. Aleksandra’s goal is to bridge the gap that remains and although she has made great strides in her professional life, she has a bold inspiring dream to become the first female President in her home country of Macedonia!

Without further adieu, it is with great honour to introduce Aleksandra Rea. She has lots to talk about and we would like to know your thoughts. So what do you think?

Is Sex on Your Mind?

When you can not think of anything else to blog about, Sex will always get some attention. So here is the question, are we really liberated or just unzipped? I think we are so bombarded with sexual imagery today that it almost seems impossible to understand the roll of sex in a relationship. I was raised up a pastor’s kid and I was told that sex before marriage was a sin. Well, I guess there are a ton of sinners out there!
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Have You Heard Anything Good Lately?

So What Do You Think received this from one of our viewers. This is an amazing story and it makes you think about the world around you and the people within it. I think we may do something similar in the Vancouver area and I know some talented people who would help us do this. Keep looking for a potential future story on this.
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Prince of Pot has lost a lot

420 Protest 2009

Photo taken at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2009 during the 420 Protest.

The saying goes, “if you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime”. In the case of the self proclaimed King of Pot Marc Emery wants to do the crime but would love to have no time. I think in life you need to pick your battles carefully. Personally going to jail for any amount of time is never desired. Marc knew that his campaign for legalized Marijuana is, at best, an up—hill battle. He also knew that the United States is very clear on their stance in regards to drugs — and particularly that they consider Marijuana to be a “schedule 1” drug, which is the same category in which they place things like heroin. Marc continually took it to the edge and the powers that be came down hard on him. Now he will spend a number of years in jail. Emery has been asking people for their support in his battle and I guess that is fair game. There are many people in North America that would like to have Pot legalized.

Here is the deal. How far are you willing to go for something that you believe in? You see, the thing that keeps our society civil is something called the rule of law. If you are willing to keep the laws you stay out of jail however if you think the laws are unjust, you protest and you try to change the laws through legal means. If you are so persuaded that the laws are wrong and to make a statement you break those laws, then be prepared to pay the piper.

Marc Emery is the King of Pot and the king’s court will now be held in jail but Emery knew that going in. It’s a lot to pay for a high. Emery desires to have a business which is lawful and will make a ton of money. That is the American way. Right now he is paying a price to hopefully see that come true and he broke the law and according to that same American Way he is paying the price. It looks now like a life is to quote Cheech and Chong, up in smoke.

So what do you think? [fb-share]

What ever happened to Rest in Peace?

Sometimes I read something in the news and it makes me so upset I want to shout. I was raised in the Church and I consider myself a Christian but it just doesn’t sit well however, when I hear fundamental groups doing things like this:

YORK, Pa. – Some nights Albert Snyder wakes up at 3 a.m. Other nights he doesn’t sleep at all, tormented by thoughts of the hateful signs carried by the hate group the Westboro Baptist Church outside his Marine son’s funeral.

“Thank God for Dead Soldiers.”

“You’re Going to Hell.”

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Married but Looking – Part 3

The last in my trilogy of fascinating interviews on the odds of being able to be faithful to the same person for the rest of your life today. I guess temptation is really hard to resist when you go looking for it?

Explore the first and second part of this interview which is just so illuminating, and let me know what you think. [fb-share]

Married but Looking

Do you think it is possible, today, to be in a loyal, monogamous relationship with just one person? It’s something I hear a lot of young people talk about today, the question if they would be able to remain faithful and married to just one person. Divorce is simple, and the court will grant it to you for the most mundane of reasons – “irreconcilable differences” – sort of a catch-all you know?

I took the the streets and asked the question “are there people today who get married truly believing that they will be with the person they are marrying today for the rest of their lives without their partner having an affair”. Man, some interesting views out there.
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A 5-year old “Miracle” at Fenway

5-year old Joshua Sacco, YouTube sensation, delivers Herb Brooks’ “Miracle” speech at Fenway to inspire the players ahead of the game. Because baseball has just started I thought we needed to be inspired. The only thing is that this young boys speech is ten times more exciting then baseball itself.

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Whole Foods sell Chinese Produce as Local Organic

ABC 7 I-Team recently did a story on the origin of foods sold as Certified Organic by Whole Foods in the United States, after being surprised to discover that many of the items were actually sourced in China.

The quality of the video is rather low, however, well worth watching

In essence, Whole Foods are marketing their “superior” Organic 365 product as USDA certified Organic, when in fact the USDA does not certify imported product as Organic, it actually employs a 3rd party to do so. It turns out this 3rd party also does not certify the product organic at farm level in China, but rather relies on the word of yet another certification company. The net result, nobody actually knows what the growing conditions of this product has been. Given that the USDA have lately been stopping a number of produce shipments from China for things ranging from banned pesticides to dirty produce, one has to wonder how Whole Foods are getting away with this, especially given the premium pricing they are charging.

Tie that to the fact that I think much of their labeling practice is deceptive – “California Stir Fry” on the front and “Product of China” small at the back is deceptive. It is fair to say that a reasonable person would assume from the name that the contents is actually a product of the State of California.

So here is what is really getting my goat, again, another big business that has built a name for itself selling a so-called premium product, and it turns out to be nothing more that price gouging and maximizing of the profit margin at the extent of the product they are selling. This kind of thing sickens me – I guess it reminds us again that shareholders are the real clients that are services by most business today – not the ones who walk through the doors purchasing their products.

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