Ron & Doug’s Wide Weird World of Sports

So two regular guys (depends on how you define regular) who think they know something about sports share insights to the weird world of sports. In this highly edited piece Doug and Ron talk about the Weird word of Canadian Football. Three downs, big field, 24 Seconds to snap the ball, five yard rule on punts, a point if you miss a field goal three if you make it. Did I mention 12 men on offense and defense and running backs and receivers can run all over the place behind the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped. Oh the ball is bigger than the NFL ball . Other than a few other rules it is the same game that is played in the United states.
A few things about the CFL. At one time we had two teams with the same name. Now we have two teams with the same owner. However in spite of it all it is faster and in many ways more exciting than the NFL. So what do you think. All you sports nuts chime in on the weirdness that you notice in sports… SO What Do You Think?

Do you stop to think about the power of your choices in life?

Her name is Ljiljana Ljubisic, however, she simply goes by the name Lilo. Lilo is a five time Paralympic Athlete and World Class discus and shot put thrower who has recorded 19 international podium finishes including a gold medal at the Summer Paralympics Games, Barcelona 1992.

Lilo has parlayed nearly two decades of competing in Paralympic Sport into a commitment to sport for athletes with a disability. She has even received the United States Sports Academy’s “Juan Antonio Samaranch IOC Disabled Athlete Award” for her outstanding achievements in sport and her commitment to helping others to overcome challenges.
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What is UFC doing to our society?

UFC LogoThe crowd is tense, the gladiators are about to enter.  Lets make no mistake about it the crowd has come to see blood and a lot of it.  This was the scene thousands of years ago and it is also the scene today at arenas in North America.  Simple question, Why do we humans want to see people beat up?  You would think that we would have evolved but now I hear Frank Mir bragging that he wants to be the first one to kill his opponent in the ring.  This is not only over the top  but also the only worth that this so called sport has to offer. They call it UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship, and it is really an ultimate disgrace to the human race. 
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How to make Women’s Hockey and Speed Skating Watchable

What is the difference between Women’s and Men’s hockey, bar the obvious? Well the fighting of course? So, why would we not allow fighting in women’s hockey, that would elevate it to a new level in status, men everywhere would tune in to watch? What do you think?

Oh, and while we are on that topic — speed-skating? That is like watching paint dry, lets add some roller derby style rules to it, and suddenly it won’t be an obscure unwatchable, albeit highly precise and disciplined sport? The object of any sport is to have people watching it right? What do you think?

Wayne Gretsky on the Back of a Pickup Truck

No real surprise, Wayne Gretzky is selected to light the outdoor torch in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics, but then we go and transport the man from the Opening Ceremonies to the torch on the back of a pickup truck!? Come on, after a spectacular opening ceremony, that was clever, inventive and ground breaking in the way that in involved the audience not just as participants but as part of the opening ceremonies actual backdrop, and we stick our national hero on the back of a pickup truck, in the rain, to be whisked through the streets of Vancouver to light the outdoor torch.
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What does Vandalism During a “protest” Say

The 2010 Winter Olympics have been marked by the number of anti-Olympic protest that have dogged these games, and legitimately so, given the $5.8 B price tag, when Vancouver has an obvious housing for homeless problem, and obvious infrastructure and public transport problems. I cannot deny the legitimacy of these issues, nor the right of those who feel strongly about them and wish to make their feelings known in a very visible and public way. Through protest in front of the world media, as at the opening ceremony – this is after all a democracy and a right of anyone in this country that we love.

This morning, however, a different animal reared its head, under the guise of a protest. Around 250 youths, clad in all black, initially marching behind a banner emblazoned with the words “Anti Poverty Committee” with black ski-masks to hide their faces careened through the streets, spray painting cars, smashing windows and committing general vandalism, until, inevitably, with the worlds eyes on them, embattled Vancouver Police in riot gear got the upper hand and made several arrests. The question is, how does this sort of totally anti-social behavior add legitimacy to the anti-Olympic movement? Well that is presuming that we even consider this a process, and not just a anti-establishment and anti-socialist orgy of common criminality?

The fact that these youths took the time to dress in a uniform must have taken some planning, the vandalism intentional, else where would the cans of red and black spray paint come from? What does this say?

Learn what people on the street think here, and let us know what you think…