For Women Everywhere!

The picture you see is that of my mom when she was about 90 years of age. She is dancing with Billy Bennett who was her all time favourite singers.

How important are women? Without them we would not be. I am married to an amazing woman. She has broken down many barriers and she is simply amazing. I also have a daughter that has faced some of the toughest things that life can throw at you and she is not only still standing she is standing firm and going forward. She is my hero.

Her great great relative was Patrick Henry (she was truly an AMERICAN WOMAN) and she was a fighter and an amazing lover of people.

So I found this video. It is for the amazing women in my life and I hope it inspires you. Someday America will have a President who is female. I have a feeling that may not be far off.

So view the video and be encouraged, inspired and challenged. May all of our prayers male or female be, God use me to make a difference in the world we live in.