Faith and Politics

Lorna Dueck a friend of mine and an excellent columnist and TV host, recently wrote an article about faith and politics. It was well thought out and insightful and it was published in the Globe and Mail a national newspaper in Canada. I decided to read the comments that were printed about Lorna’s article. It said a lot about the spiritual climate in Canada.

People ask me about the difference’s between Canada and the United States. This is one of the big ones, Canada has a large secular humanist population and it is very socialistic country.

So here is my thought on this. Who cares either way. The question that should be asked is what kind of leader is the person in office. Are they honest, do you trust them, do they believe in the freedom of religion and do they support those who choose not to believe? What is their stand on equal rights. The question of a persons faith is interesting but it should not be how we judge a persons ability to lead.

From what I read in the comment section I would not want some of the hard core atheist to be in office . The reason is they are so intolerant of those that do not believe the way they do. they are very evangelical in there approach to life. So the thing that they are afraid of in regards to the faith based folks is the very thing they are guilty of themselves.

The concept is leadership not a persons faith or lack of. When you live in a democracy and when you live in a diverse cultural society tolerance and bridge building is the key to good leadership.

Lets try to get over our bigotry on both sides of the fence and give people the space they need to function in our respective society’s.

Obama where do you stand?

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Israel has been in the news lately, mind you, come to think of it actually Israel always seems to be in the news.

The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu recently spoke to the joint members of Congress in the United States. He spoke about the relationship that is strong between Israel and the U.S. and how this relationship has grown over the years and talked about the peace talks and what, in his opinion, needs to happen for there to be a lasting peace in the Middle East.

I spoke with our Opinionator in all things Middle East, Jacob Benaroch. As always he had plenty to say. I realize that for most people the politics of the Middle East is confusing and what we get so often is just quick images that are often created by people with an agenda.

First, full disclosure, I personally am a supporter of Israel: I feel they have the same core values of what I believe we have in North America. They believe in rule of law, freedom of speech, women’s rights, freedom of religion and so much more. Israel has always been the home of the Jews. There has never been a time where the land we now call Israel did not have a Jewish presence. Why so many in the world hate the Jewish people I do not know.

The current talk by the radical elements in the surrounding countries has not changed for centuries. They do not want to negotiate with Israel and they would very much like for Israel to cease to exist (and I suspect Jews along with it). How do you have peace talks with people who simply do not aspire to peace. My friend Jacob Benaroch, in his usual fashion, pulled no punches.

Watch the interview, and tell me what you think. If you disagree with Israel and you have comments to make lets hear them. This is an open forum. The ground rules are simple, the number one rule is respect. We can have a different view-point but we will not engage in racial slurs nor will be allowed the putting down of the person you disagree with. The concept is that we would listen and then respond with comments about what we believe. This is what so what do you think is all about. The idea that we can come from a totally different viewpoint or political agenda and still have a civil discussion is a great way to understand where others are coming from. So lets discuss, lets learn from each other and most of all lets respect each other. I look forward to hearing your comments.

So What Do You Think?

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Is this how we want to remember this historic day?

Watch above as Vice President Joe Biden turns and whispers “This is a F—ing Big Deal” in President Barack Obama’s ear, after introducing him at the historic signing of the new US Health Care Bill. No doubt a big deal indeed!
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