Phil Phillips A life lesson

Phil Phillips - American Idol winner on Fox

Phil Phillips - American Idol winner on FoxPhil Phillips just won American Idol. This was no easy task, the competition was the best in American Idols history. I believe he won because he was unique, an original with charisma, and together that was the X-factor. (Hum, sounds like another show)

He did this while he was battling a kidney problem that required eight surgeries, all during the heat of competition. The very fact he was able to perform at all was the story within the story. I love this success story. Phil showed us one of the secrets to life. Let me explain…

Life is not about arriving at a destination, it is how you handle the journey . I am sixty-five in July. I have had times where it would have been so easy to give up. I had times where because of personnel shortcomings and the feeling of deep-rooted insecurities I just wanted to roll over and let my dreams just stay dreams.

So Phil Phillips is an inspiration to me because as a young man he has shown to the world that if you want something bad enough, you hang in, you do your best, and you don’t let circumstances and situations control your life. He made the most out of a difficult situation and he did not quit.

This is the secret to success. People can give up on you, circumstances can seem overwhelming, life may throw you some wicked curve balls, but if you hang and believe that circumstances and situations will change and people’s opinions are not always the final answer., you can start enjoying the journey and you will find yourself at the destination you desire to be at sooner than you think.

Congratulations Phil and thank you for being an example to the world that when you persevere can achieve greatness and dreams do come true.

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering, produces endurance, and endurance and endurance produces hope.
Romans 5:3-4

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