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A popular movement today is called “The Jesus Culture.” It reminds me of the Jesus People Movement which happened about 35 years ago. Just when everyone was saying, God is Dead the Jesus People Movement broke out and the saying God is dead was dead.

Many people say that Christianity is in a downward spiral. If you look at the stats for traditional churches I could see how one might believe that. However when you look at the rise of the Mega Churches and the Jesus Culture movement you might have a different opinion.

I recently returned from Redding California. Terry and I visited Bethel Church and we were overwhelmed. The key word was passion. Young, old and everything in between were totally caught up in Jesus. They took the time to let God do His thing in the services and for me coming out of a very structured Church where you knew exactly what was going to happen when this was very refreshing.

I also liked the idea that miracles were thought of as the norm. When they prayed they believed something was going to happen and it often does. Bethel has a school of ministry that has about 2000 people from all over the world attending. The town of Redding has been affected in a big way. Matter of fact if you go to the Redding website you will notice that Bethel is one of the must see attractions listed on there website.

So I thought I would give you a taste of Bethel. I understand that Bethel has its critics but I would have a little wild-fire then smoulder away in mediocrity. I love the idea also that it is not a one man show. The amount of people who ministry, I don’t mean usher or park cars or serve communion, which are not bad things to do, but the amount of people who minister is so cool. The pastor of the Church is secure in His calling and has empowered the believers and the impact is obvious.

Enjoy the music you can find a ton of it on You Tube and Bethel also has something called Bethel

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