We will not fear or be intimidated

I cannot express in words the sorrow I feel for the people who have lost loved ones and others who were seriously injured. There are monsters in our world but there are so many good people who clean up after the monsters have struck. People who risk their lives and rush in when it would be so easy to rush the other way.

We do not know at this time who did this. I doubt that person will read my blog but if he or she or they do read this you must feel a lot of pride in killing an eight year old boy. I have no idea why you would do this but if it was in response to your God and how you view life, my friend you have a God that is not worthy of any followers. Your life is filled with hate and you will reap from what you have sown.

The bottom line is your mentally disturbed and beyond sick. The world will go on and next year there will be a Boston Marathon because of the Spirit of the American people. Americans do not bow to terrorism they recover they prosper and they go on with life. It is something that you who desire to take lives will never understand. So you accomplished little and you will be caught and you will pay for what you have done. Perhaps the worst punishment is you will have to live with the reality of what you have done. Someday it will hit you and when it does I would not want to be in your shoes.

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Doug Kooy, Talk Show Host in Vancouver, Doug is the founder of So What Do You Think? He is a public speaker and has traveled the world with his school assembly program (caught in the crossfire) When this site is not his passion, Doug and his wife Terry have a love affair with Gastown in Vancouver.

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