I am sitting in my loft on a beautiful evening in Vancouver B.C. I am looking out over the water at the mountains and I am thinking what a place Terry and I live in. They call it Super Natural British Columbia.
Today I was thinking, how complex nature is. The fact that we are on this ball called Earth and it is spinning and moving and it is so precise that if one little minor thing goes wrong it is over as far as this earth is concerned. So the age-old argument if you see something that is of great design there must be a designer. I am not a scientist but logic does work for me.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the beauty. Then if you are a believer in God enjoy the detail of His creation. If you do not believe in God enjoy the beauty and enjoy the idea that nothing created all of this and it was just a result of a big bang and everything coming together just right and it is all random selection and Darwin and survivor of the fittest and this is all there is so I better enjoy it .

Again I cannot argue science with you I am just not that smart, but I may be able to talk logic and logic tells me design equals designer…it works for me.

Have a great day and Enjoy.

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Doug Kooy, Talk Show Host in Vancouver, Doug is the founder of So What Do You Think? He is a public speaker and has traveled the world with his school assembly program (caught in the crossfire) When this site is not his passion, Doug and his wife Terry have a love affair with Gastown in Vancouver.

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