Voted ugliest girl in the world …Amazing story


A story of a young women who accidentally saw a web site that had the caption the worlds ugliest person. When she looked at the site what she saw was a video of herself when she was eleven years old. Then she went further she read the comments. Not one of the comments were positive. Some even shared how she could kill herself. How did she get past this? How would you handle something like this. She was born with a rare disease and had a hard time understanding why people could be this cruel. She asked God a lot of questions and some of the answers
may amaze you.

This young woman is a hero. She is now a public speaker and is enjoying life and all it has to offer. So give a listen and then let me know …So What Do You Think?

A View From The Top!

looking-down-43-floorsThe video is stunning and it gives you an idea of the view the people who work on this project see everyday.
If you are going to New York be sure to visit the Memorial it is very moving. The whole area around the Freedom Tower has gone through a renovation and now is one of the most desirable places to live in Manhattan.

The question I ask is how many of you could do this kind of work? Would you be willing to take a trip with one of the workers to the top of the Freedom Tower and help put up the spiral?

SO What DO You Think?

Bono…In The Name Of Love…Do Something!

Here is the final episode of Bono’s message to the Church. He is speaking at a Mega Church and he pulls no punches. Bono is so much more than just a talented singer, he is an activist in every sense of the word. He is also someone who blows the trumpet. What do I mean by that? The trumpet blower was someone who called people to arms. He was the one who assembled the masses, often for a great cause. This describes Bono, he is a voice calling people to action. He does not just entice you with spiritual knowledge he urges those who have responded to the call to do something.

Christianity is not a spectator sport. Jesus said, “Go into all the earth and proclaim the good news.” He has called his followers to be healing agents in a land that is broken. The key to being this healing agent is in the love he puts into our hearts through the Holy Spirit. We are not here to condemn the world we are called as His agents to heal the world, one soul at a time.

This is what Bono is all about, He is a friend of the masses, he is well received by millions of adoring fans but his message is take my music listen to the words and let it motivate you to action.
The injustice in the world abounds. It is through those that have the stage, so to speak, to move the masses to do something about it, Bono is doing that.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what Bono has to say. So what do you think?

Bono On Christianity Part One

We all know Bono for his music. The thing that has impressed me about Bono is that his music has a message. Bono is a Christian, he admits he is not comfortable in Church but for reasons other than it is boring . He is upset with the fact that the Church is not front and centre on certain issues that are very dear to the heart of God. I would think that most Church people would not be comfortable with Bono. He asks some hard questions, his lifestyle is not the cookie cutter type of Christian that most are comfortable with.

Personally U2 is my favourite band, the album Rattle and Hum is one of my all time favourites. I have been to two concerts by U2 and they were mind-blowing. It was so much more than just a concert, it was in a real sense a spiritual experience.

Bono did an interview with a prominent pastor of a mega church, he did not hold anything back and I am going to play the whole interview over the next few days. For those of you who have not heard Bono speak out on certain key areas this is a must view. If you are a U2 fan you need to hear what Bono haw to say, it is challenging and thought-provoking. So here is part one of an interview with Bono of U2 fame. I would love to know what you think.

Laughing a good remedy for a bad marriage

Laugh your way to a better marriage is a crazy concept but it works. The idea of finding out how a woman thinks and how a man thinks is dangerous territory but Mark Gungor takes it on. So if you understand a little bit more about how we think do you think it will help in a marriage? I often wonder why people who are so in love in the beginning of a relationship fall out of love in a few years? I mean people who are ga ga over each other suddenly become arch enemies. Is it the fact that love is blind and what we think we see in the other person is just an illusion? I would love some discussion on this. So what do you think is the main reason people divorce? Do you believe it is possible to restore a marriage after all hell has broken loose?

Here is my opinion. In years of speaking around the world I have seen miracles. I have seen couples who everyone around them says they are best suited to be single, make adjustments to their attitudes and their lifestyle and have gone on to have a great marriage. To be honest the one factor that seems to work best is the GOD factor. When I talk about the GOD factor I am talking about forgiveness, repentance and humility. Usually when I see this kind of change it does not just affect the marriage it affects all of the relationships that the couple is involved with. The bottom line is they are better people not just to each other but to everyone around them. The children benefit the most, then their spouse and then their friends. Talk about a win-win situation.

God is the healer of the broken hearted. He is the restorer. He is also able to do far more than we can even think or imagine. That is why the most exciting thing to be involved with is God, because what he is all about is restoring humans to be all that they were created to be. There are a lot of forces in this world that war against marriage and quality relationships, our children have been bombarded with negative images and unhealthy messages everyday but when you have the God factor in your life you can overcome all of this and have a good life full of adventure. I did not say you would be trouble-free but you will have available a power to overcome, it may seem like all is lost and there is no way but Jesus said, “I Am The Way.” He will make a way where there seems to be no way. I know this by 65 years of seeing this truth in action.

So what do you think?

The Impossible Possible —Bill Strickland

My good friend Bill Strickland is in town and I thought it would be a splendid idea to post one of his talks on my site. Bill was born in Pittsburgh in a high crime poverty ridden area. It was a big deal just to graduate from school and college was at best a dream not to be achieved. Against all odds Bill made it out of high school and into college and fulfilled his dream of becoming an airline pilot. This was so small task but his greatest challenge was yet before him. The airline he worked for went under and Bill found himself the president of Manchester Bidwell Corporation. What has happened in Pittsburgh is nothing short of a miracle. They are developing students who came in hopeless and leave with not only hope but a future. Enjoy the story that Bill Strickland has to tell and then realize that he is on a mission to replicate what happened in Pittsburgh to other cities in North America and the world. The good news is, he is doing it. Bill wrote a book called MAKING THE IMPOSSIBLE POSSIBLE and he is doing just that. Bill is one of my heros and I respect him for his dedication and endless drive and passion to make a difference in the world we live in. He is making a difference one student at a time and the world is a better place because of Bill Strickland and his vision. Enjoy.

Can you be faithful? Sex outside of marriage!

Almost every week I hear of another family that has been devastated by a husband or wife who decided to have sex with someone other than the person they are married to. The result is children suffer, the partner suffers and society suffers.
It comes as no surprise we are bombarded with sexual imagery . It is so common place that we do not pay much attention to it until it affects someone we love.
It often seems like a good idea at the time, but ask Tiger Woods if it was worth it or Bill Clinton or the CIA director. I believe they would talk about the pain and the loss of respect that it brought to them. Thousands of books have been written about infidelity and the chapters just keep getting written. Lets face it we live in a world where certain things are glorified. Women for the most part in North America are treated like sex objects to be conquered by insecure men who make a sport out of seeing how many women they can have sex with.
SO what is the answer? Do we just give in to the thinking of modern society or is there some way of turn the tide back to a moral base?
The problem is so wide spread. It is a prevalent in the Church as it is on the street corners of our great cities.. I

Again I have more questions than answers but I would love to hear what you think.

Sounds familiar…

The good Reverend starts out by giving what most people would expect from a fundamentalist preacher, however at the end of his speech he throws in a major twist.
I have been harping for a long time on how Christians need to embrace critical thinking. We have been taught certain things for years and the reason we believe in certain things is usually answered by the statement , that is what we have been taught.
A good example is in regards to the Gay debate. In some Christian circles people are told that you were not born to be Gay. People are taught that it is a choice and it is a sin. They say there is no Gay gene. This is what they are taught. They are also taught that Gays can become Christians only if they give up their gay lifestyle and be converted to a straight lifestyle. This is what is taught and this is what people believe. I personally believed this for many years.
Over the years I have questioned my beliefs and I have come to some different conclusions. I no longer believe that a Gay person is doomed because of his or her sexual preference. I also refuse to label a friend of mine as gay or straight. I tend to look at people as friends and I treat them simply as friends.
I am so tired of the judgemental fundamentalist who seem to relish in their self-righteousness and they have no problem gossiping, divorcing, thinking immoral thoughts. So judge not lest you be judged….My stand today is simple, God you judge, I have been called to love my neighbour, black, white, gay or straight, saved or unsaved, muslim or hindu or any other religion.
I have enough trouble trying to keep my life together. I want people to think, please think ….its ok God gave you a brain not just to store information taught but to actually discover for yourself things that you wonder about. So what do you think?

The Challenge

Obama is in for four more years. Nothing has really changed, except we saw six billion dollars go into this election. I am a simple person but I must ask the question where did all that money go? Hey, we are talking six billion. I wonder if Romney ever looked at his close advisers and said, “well there goes a few billion/”
So I was thinking about a billion dollars. The thought entered my mind what if a billionaire decided to do something really crazy. Here is the crazy , he writes a check to every person who makes under $200,000 a year , a check for one million dollars. He is left with hundred of millions in his or her account and everyone in Canada and the U.S. is rich. What would that look like. Oh I can see a movie coming out of this idea. Well it is fun to dream. So what do you think?

N.F.L. Sports Kid!

David is an amazing kid when it comes to sports. He is Eleven years old and can name every Q.B. in the N.F.L. and the C.F.L. His predictions are uncanny and besides that he plays Q.B. for the Downtown Giants. He is not a New York Jets fan and is opinionated about Tebow as a quarterback. So tonight he picks New York over Dallas and in the upcoming Pittsburgh game he picks Pittsburgh over Denver. Colts vs. Bears
David picks the Colts. Eagles over the browns…Lions over rams….Houston over Miami..Atlanta over Kansas City…Jacksonville over Minnesota….Saints over Washington…Bill over Jets…New England prevails over Tennessee….Seattle beats up Arizona…Green Bay over San Francisco….Panthers over Buccaneers…Baltimore over Cincinnati…San Diego handles Oakland…So lets see how David does after this week-end…but I would not bet against him. So what do you think?

Was it Super for you?

So other than the fact that my Super Bowl party was a party of two it was a great day. The thing is if it is the right two it can be a great party. So what did I think over all? It was a great game and the right team won. My friend in New Zealand Graham Carter got the score right and I was not far off. I won my bet with Coach Mike in New York so its off to a great deli for lunch on him the next time I am in New York.

I thought the half time show was very good. Madonna did the over 50 crowd proud. The idiot who gave the finger showed no class. Somebody said well that the attitude that you find with most hip hop artist. All I understand is some people will do whatever it take to get attention, even if it is negative attention. The problem with negatives is you are bound to reap what you sow and that is simply spiritual law. So you may think your being cute but in reality your just unbuttoned.

Did you see the guy on the wire? That was scary he must have had on a steel jock strap. My favourite part of the half time show was when the choir came on. TO me there is nothing like a soulful choir to get me going.

In every Super Bowl it seems like there is one super play that makes or breaks the game. The catch in the fourth quarter of the game by the New York Giants receiver was one of the best I have seen and I have seen a lot. Now the catch was great but the pass was amazing. It had to be in one certain spot or it could not have been completed and it was perfect. Eli Manning deserved to win the most valuable player.

Now the commercials were good and they should be, especially if your going to spend around 4 million for a thirty second spot. So the star of most of the commercials were dogs. Dogs seem to be hot right now. I know our dog biscuit really enjoyed the commercials. Just a sideline if you have a dog did your dog watch any of the commercials. Biscuit not only watched the commercials but I swear she was rooting for the Giants. So what was your favourite moment? What did you think of the finger incident? How did you like the commercials? How would you rate Madonna’s performance on a scale of 1 to 10? I would love to hear your thoughts on the Super bowl.