The Railway Man


The Railway man is one powerful movie. It has two great themes, war is hell and the road to freedom is forgiveness. The acting is simply amazing and the story is so powerful.

It is not a movie for the weak at heart and I suggest you bring some extra kleenex.
My father was in World War Two and he was never the same after the war. The dreams haunted him for most of his life. This movie brings the reality of what people, mostly young men and women go through on the front lines of battle. I mentioned forgiveness…one of the big lines in the movie is “we can’t go on hating forever.” Powerful stuff take a look at the trailer and then I suggest you see the movie. It is an amazing film.

Alice Cooper A Christian

Somebody once said God did not create cookie cutter Christians. Well with that said he broke the mould with Alice Cooper. I was once criticized for using a swear word in a sermon. I think I said, People don’t give a damn…it was street language. I have the feeling I will never be invited to speak in that church again. However this same group loves Bono and they have quoted him many times. Bono is a great guy and one of my hero’s but he drinks a bit and swears a bit and is not your typical christian.

So back to Alice Cooper, he is not what most people think of when they think of Christians. Heavy Metal Band, crazy stunts he pulls on stage, the make up and the name just don’t work for some of my fundamental friends. The only thing I have to say is God is bigger than our judgements. God looks at the heart of person and if we were to get into a relationship by how we acted, or looked we would all be hooped.

I loved hearing Matthew Mcconaughey’s acceptance speech at the Oscars. He first of all thanked God. Well i saw the movie he won the Oscar for and it was pretty raw. The language and some sex scenes but here he is on national television thanking God…It just does not make sense to the religious mind. You see God looks at the heart of a person. King David is highly regarded by most Christians but he committed adultery, raised a rebellious son and had a man killed…not good pastor material.

I am not saying we need to pattern our lives after Alice Cooper, King David or Matthew Mcconaughey. We pattern our lives after Jesus. What I think I am saying is that the Grace of God is greater than we might imagine. Simply put His ways are not our ways.

So I have given up on trying to judge who is a Christian and who is not. I will leave that to God. I am simply trying to love people all people. That includes people of other faiths, cultures, gay or straight, country or city folk all people. So enjoy the interview with Alice Cooper. Then if you feel so lead, leave a comment and tell us So What Do You Think. images-1

Stop the Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is an epidemic. It needs to be stopped but how. In this video a brave young lady shares the sickness that is Cyber Bullying. I don’t think parents understand how much of an epidemic this is.


School should not be a place where you try to survive it should be a place where you thrive and lay a foundation for the future. Please lets do all we can to stop the epidemic of Cyber Bullying….

So What do you think.

Gene Simmons Is A Tebow Fan

So if you would have told me that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame would be defending Tim Tebow I am not sure I would believe you…but here it is on video the proof…Gene Simmons is a Tebow supporter. Do you know what I support Gene Simmons. I enjoyed his TV show and I was hooked when he started to share his love for Shannon and the journey he and Shannon took to get married and in the process heal their relationship. The Bible says the truth will set you free and Gene shared his dark secrets with the one he loved and I believe God restored what could have been a disaster of a relationship.



Years ago I was given a book written by Dennis Waitley called “The Psychology of winning.” In this book he shared some of the secrets that world-class athletes use that gives them the winners edge. As a Christian I found that most of what Dennis shares comes from Biblical principles. The idea of how you think is how you are is powerful. It was in this book that I first heard the statement about people who live on some day Isle. You know the person, someday I will go back to school, someday I will take those guitar lessons, someday I will travel the world. They never bring the I will into the I now.

The other principal is how you view things in your inner man. The great putter sees the putt in the hole before he actually putts the ball. The basketball player who sees the ball going into the hoop before he shoots the ball. The person who views life with a positive attitude and believes he or she will succeed at a given project. They are the kind of people who do not give up and if they fail they say something like, “will I found out how not to do it now let’s get on with finding out how to do it.” Attitude is such a key ingredient to success on planet earth.

Dennis tells the story of the prisoner of war who everyday played 18 holes of golf in his prison cell. He had a broom stick and his imagination. After spending a few years as a prisoner of war he was released and after a brief time of recovery he decided to play golf, on a real golf course, with his buddies. He shot a great round of golf and his friends were amazed. How did you do that? He answered, easy I have played golf everyday for three years in my jail cell.

The truly great athlete sees things that others don’t. When they lose they see it as a stepping block to winning. They have a goal in mind and the see themselves attaining that goal, a few losses along the way does not stop them from attaining their destiny. They preserver, they know that if they put in the work and keep on course that someday, sooner or later they will hit their goal.

Personally I have been knocked down a lot. The thing is I come from a positive fun-loving family. We are very competitive but we do not quit. My dad was a great example of that. He hated to lose but when he did have the losses he picked himself up, dusted himself off and stayed in the game. He had the ability to laugh when others would get bitter. Dad never got bitter he just kept getting better. I miss him he was a great inspiration in my life. Dad was at every game and most of my practices. I got a little embarrassed sometimes but I would give anything to look over the fence now and see my dad again. Enjoy Dennis Waitley and tell me, So What Do You Think?

A View From The Top!

looking-down-43-floorsThe video is stunning and it gives you an idea of the view the people who work on this project see everyday.
If you are going to New York be sure to visit the Memorial it is very moving. The whole area around the Freedom Tower has gone through a renovation and now is one of the most desirable places to live in Manhattan.

The question I ask is how many of you could do this kind of work? Would you be willing to take a trip with one of the workers to the top of the Freedom Tower and help put up the spiral?

SO What DO You Think?

A Gospel Choir Surprises Simon Cowell

With all the news recently I thought we could use some inspiration. What better way to do that then with a Gospel choir. This is a group that appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. It is amazing what music can do. Music crosses so many barriers. Perhaps if we could just get nations to start singing together we could start to see some unity.

There is nothing that moves me like a good Gospel Choir. It is the way Church was meant to be, a lot of passion and excitement. I think you need to throw in some creative dance moves and a good tambourine and don’t leave out the Hammond B-3. (I think it’s a Hammond B-3 but don’t quote me)

Well the point is enjoy. I saw this video on and if you want to see some cool stuff take a peek at their site. Have a great day….and keep on singing.

So What DO YOu Think?

A Culture At Risk–Gordon Pennington

The question we need to ask is, are we a culture at risk? Have we lost the wonder? Do we just want to be distracted? We are a nation of consumers but what are we consuming? When you hear the language, when you view the media in all its forms you wonder about the culture of America and I might add North America.

Nothing seems to shake us anymore. We have seen it and we have heard it. The papers used to say if it bleeds it reads but even that has lost its meaning. We have, I believe, 100 per cent sensory overload. Many of our children are zombie like as they stare into screens and play games that are so graphic in what they portray and we then wonder why we see so much violence being acted out in society.

We have fake sporting events that everyone knows is a show. The show is filled with themes of sexism, bullying, racism and your basic anti social behaviour. The show sells out the largest auditoriums. The amount of pornography that is available to anyone and everyone is out of control but no one seems to care.

So I could go on and on but do you agree that we as a culture are at risk of losing our centre, our purpose?
Are you shocked by anything anymore? So what do you think is the answer?


Ok, we have owned cats and we have owned dogs. Currently we have a dog named Biscuit. The cat we adopted into our family was a bit psycho, we spent a good amount of money-making sure he would stay on our deck and not go visiting the neighbours. He was obsessed with getting to the other side and in a way he finally did. I came across this video on you tube and it about sums up dogs and cats. Cats have a mind of their own and they own the home. Dogs are obsessed with pleasing their owners and can’t wait till your home. Cats seem to be very happy if your away or not. My son and daughter in law have a wonderful cat. He has personality and they swear that she talks to them, I am beginning to believe them.

I do not want to spark a debate on a better pet, that is up to you. I just thought this video was great and I want to share it with the millions upon millions who come to for inspiration and the odd humorous story. I tend to exaggerate a fair bit on my numbers. So do you have a cat story to tell? How about a dog story? Let me know what you think about dogs and cats.


Saying all of that this is an amazing video and one that should be watched. It is not for the skittish or weak knead. This is danger personified. This takes stunt work to a whole new dimension. The thing that amazes me is the people seem to be having fun doing it. For me you would have to throw me off the cliff there is no way I would jump.

So the question is what about you? So what do you think? What is the most dangerous thing you have ever attempted? Love to hear your comments. For me the most dangerous thing I have ever done is drive a bike in Beijing China, it makes jumping off a cliff child’s play.

The End Times?

Do you believe we are living in the end times? There have been volumes written about this subject. So what do I believe? Well at 65 my end time is coming up, it is a number of years away but I can see it coming. We all have expiry date, but what about the world as we know it, does it have an expiry date? Did the ancient biblical prophets foretell the end times? The discussion on CNN sure brings up some good food for thought. The idea that when Israel becomes a nation is a sign and that other nations will align themselves against Israel is evident today.
The Bible talks about wars and rumours of war and the climate change and the general moral collapse that seems so wide-spread. The Bible also talks about something called the rapture. The idea that those who know God will be taken up to be with Him, in a twinkling of an eye. What a weird thing that would be, millions of people just vanish off the face of the earth.
What are your thoughts? Have you studied it or do you think it is just a fairy tale?

I tend to think there is something to this. I believe this world is running amuck and its time for something new. I believe God promises a New Heaven and a New Earth. Not to get to technical but according to scripture there was a rebellion in Heaven and 1/3 of the angels left the place. So perhaps its time for Earth and Heaven to be made anew.

Personally I believe that when i meet my end time it is not the end but just a new beginning. I mean after the miracle of birth it is not to difficult to imagine a new birth into a new realm. I kind of look forward to it…a new adventure.

So is the earth doomed. Yea, most likely but the good news is you’re not. Jesus Christ gave us a get out of doom free card and He made it possible for us to enter into this new dimension today. We can experience a bit of what heaven is like on this earth. Ok so I went to preaching but it makes for a great conversation. The End TImes …So What Do You THink.



The video you are about to watch is about words, not just any words but powerful words. I spent years talking to students around the world about the power of words. We understand that wars have been started by words. A famous rock star was quoted as saying, “you can have your bombs and war machines, just give me words and we can control the masses.” Words are just containers they carry faith or fear. Faith comes from hearing but so does fear, so I guess it is very important who you are listening to. Jesus said, “the words I speak are spirit and truth.” They said about Jesus that no one has ever spoken like him before. Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God and He said this kingdom is available now. In the book I read a lot it says if you can control your tongue you can control your destiny. We often create our future by the way we speak.

If we can control our speech we are on our way to a good life. This is why personally I dislike the idea of swearing. It is often done in the negative tone and it does not produce a positive. The people I want to hang with need to be speaking words of truth and words that produce life. Lets face it we live in a very negative world. It is easy to get caught up in the negative and become a victim instead of a victor.

So enjoy this video and I am sure you will watch it a couple of times, at least I hope you do. The 20 words mentioned in the video are life giving words and they have such meaning to them. The book I read a lot says, we are snared by the words of our mouth, but the opposite is true, we are not snared by the words of our mouth and that is good news. Enjoy this video and take time to digest what it is saying, I believe it can be life changing. So What Do You Think?