Minority Report Technology, Will the Majority Use it?

Minority Report Technology, Will the Majority Use it?

For those whose index finger cringes at 9 hour days clicking the mouse, this spells relief!

The ancient arts of Kung Fu start to have modern day application, with a twist, as choreographic nuances start to flip the user experience with media on its head. Innovations like the Xbox Kinect prove revolution is pioneering in our living rooms, masquerading as child’s play and conditioning us for the next level.

Perhaps the knee jerk reaction to call early television evangelists charlatans was premature, as we reconsider their punchline to “…raise your hands and touch the screen…” as a prophetic moment.

It could be possible that the practices of yoga gurus, Russian ballet masters and mentalists becomes more mainstream as the arcane disciplines become necessity for future UX facility, ushering in a renaissance of physical movement as a staple of workplace activity. The physique of a hunter and tone of a dancer replacing the pear-shaped nerd or wafer-thin hyper programmer boy examples of IT stereo-typical physical profiles.

The experience and wisdom of a symphony conductor, choir master or drummer can suddenly be relevant in a corporate training context to upgrade employees body language coordination as collectively we move into an era that could potentially leave no muscle dormant in our bodies. Stretching and breathing pit stops at work may be as ubiquitous as smoke breaks.

As we continuously get closer to the fresh edge of the path we are conjuring under our feet collectively, it is exciting what kind of new questions we can ask ourselves.

Will the Tom Cruise Minority Report example be the Calm Truce Majority Evolution of body and machine?

As our thought begins to permeate our whole linguistic being perhaps we will re member who we are just in time to save space for our heart.