Olympic Spirit……WIN!

The Question of the day is, what do you think of the Olympics? Personally I have enjoyed them. I like the personal stories and the drama . In every Olympics there is controversy and in the women’s soccer match between the U.S.A. and Canada it was crazy. The game was amazing but it will be remembered because of the referee. So sad.
My friend Robert Murphy had some comments about the Olympics and being a basketball coach had some good insight.
The question I ask is two fold, what would it be like if there were no pro sports and do you think we are obsessed with winning? Love to have a conversation with you about this. So What Do You Think?
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Need some high powered inspiration? Watch!

The truth is sometimes we need someone to come along side and left us up. We do not go through life alone, we are at our best when we are dependent on others. We were never designed to be an island unto ourselves. Derek Redmond, in the 1992 Olympics was favoured to win the 400 meter race, however, during the race he pulled a hamstring and fell to the ground. He refused help and he refused to stay on the ground, he got up and continued the race. In the stands his father watched as his son was struggling and he decided to help his son finish the race. Somehow he got past the security and got to his son and the two of them crossed the finish line together. Derek lost the race but won the hearts of millions of people. The video has been seen by millions. If he had won the Gold medal people would have forgotten about it in a few days or at the most years. Derek ran the greatest race of his career and the message and inspiration received from his efforts still live today. Thank you Derek and thank your father from the millions of us who have received so much from your story. Keep running the good race….and remember, He lifts us up…I think you know what I mean.