HERE WE GO! Vancouver Canucks, Part One

The Vancouver Canucks start the playoffs. In Vancouver this is bigger than Christmas and Easter rolled into one. For some it transcends sports and almost reaches a religious quality. (All hail the Canucks) The Vancouver team will play some lads from down South. (California boys) The deal is if I lived in California I would rather be on the beach than on the ice. These California boys have a great goalie and they play tight defence and plan on winning low scoring games. It has worked so far.

The Vancouver Canucks are playing cat and mouse with their superstar, (Dan Sedin) and even though his brother says he’s 100% they did not let anyone know if he would play in the opening series. MY guess is he will. There is also a goal tending question. Roberto or Schneider? No question in my mind, Roberto gets the call and he will be on a short lease.
I am a Roberto fan. Anyone who can play as well as he does under the constant scrutiny of Vancouver’s negative media is good with me. From listening to the media you would think we snuck into the playoffs and don’t really belong. The truth is we came in on a winning streak and we won more hockey games than any other team in the league.

I understand that controversy is what sells papers and provides listeners. It must be a tough way to make a living, trying to find something negative to say everyday to appease the boss. The job application for a sports reporter must have a section that says, “Are you able to write negative comments about the best team in the NHL? If not you need not apply)

To be continued in our next number…

HERE WE GO! Vancouver Canucks, Part Two

Downtown Vancouver seen from Stanley ParkSo the other question is, well there will be riots if the team wins or loses. I think there are enough social rejects in Vancouver to try again. This is the only way some people ever get attention. We do not realize how socially inept a large section of our population is. When you have a Vancouver Justice System (now there is an oxymoron) like the one we put up with it does not deter a lot of socially dysfunctional idiots who live in our land.

I see stuff everyday in Gas Town that makes you wonder if we are that far away from the primates that some people say we came from. Windows broken, stores broken into, trash everywhere, people in the open selling drugs, young ladies making a living on the streets. You should take a walk around Gas Town about 6 in the morning before the clean up crews arrive.

So I was in Tim Hortons the other day and a couple of yahoos were talking and the subject of the riot came up. The one guy said, “if it happens again I am in.” The other yahoo says, “Yea I was there last year and it was rad.” I rest my case, these two can’t wait for an excuse to hit the streets.

Now I love Vancouver. I would not want to live any place else and I am a huge Sports fan. The reality is it is not my life and it is not what I live for. I simply enjoy the hype and the mojo it brings to the city. If the Canucks win that would be awesome, if they lose I am still ok because they are a great team with quality players and I know they gave it their all. Sports can be cruel and they can be joyous. The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Wish I had said that. In the end it is sports. The bigger issue is how we as a society conduct ourselves. I hope this year the yahoos lose the those that actually have some self respect and social dignity win out, that just might be the bigger picture.

So, the question is “what do you think?”

Tim Thomas Goal Tender of Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins Snubs President

Tim Thomas Goal Tender of Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins Snubs President
Tim Thomas Goal Tender of Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins Snubs President

Tim Thomas Goal Tender of Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins Snubs President

So the president was snubbed by the all star goal tender of the Stanley Cup Champions Boston Bruins. So the question is was Thomas right in what he did? Yes and No. On one hand he should have been there for the team and honoured the office of the President. He may disagree with the politics but the event he should have honoured.
On the other hand he has a right to make a statement if he strongly disagrees with the President. That is what freedom is all about. Mr. Thomas is a supporter of the Tea Party and an avid fan of Glen Beck. He is an intelligent human being who may have political ambitions himself after his hockey career is over. So I would love to hear from you. Do you think Tim Thomas made the right decision? If you were part of the team would you have supported his decision? Should politics have been left out of it?

So what do you think?

Fighting in Hockey, Vancouver vs Boston, Is It Part of the Game?

Fighting in Hockey, Vancouver vs Boston, Is It Part of the Game?
Fighting in Hockey, Vancouver vs Boston, Is It Part of the Game?

Fighting in Hockey, Vancouver vs Boston, Is It Part of the Game?

Okay, so this is my first time up and what do I get asked to talk about? Hockey. Talk about throwing me into the lion’s den.

You see, I’m fairly new to Canada, recently here from the UK and very new to the sport of hockey. So last weekend I get invited to watch the Vancouver vs Boston game. Now I know it’s a physical sport, I fully accept that, but I came away having to ask the question, ‘fighting in hockey, is it relevant or necessary?

I’ve been told that it’s tradition, that it keeps the game clean of cheap shots and even (and this one is almost as ludicrous as some English saying a good reason to keep the monarchy is because they are good for tourism) that it is a selling point to those who are new to the game.

I actually really enjoyed the game. Hockey is clearly an extremely exciting, end to end, fast paced sport played by some very skillful people, but as a newcomer to the sport I certainly found the brawling a distraction. Living in Vancouver the Vancouver Canucks are almost a religion. I understand that during the Stanley Cup Finals the city was in super hyper mode. I mean you talk about a winter classic this was amazing.

And of course, I cannot help but worry about the potential negative examples it displays to our children.

Can the sport survive without fighting? Vancouver vs Boston could prove the point for yes. Fighting in Hockey could be taken out without hurting the game.

I really don’t see why not.

What do you think?