The War Of Words, Part Seven

War is hell! This is a true statement. The tragic loss of young people who fight for their countries and make the ultimate sacrifice is so sad. No wonder the Bible says, “blessed are the peacemakers.”
I have been talking about the war of words. It is words that create wars and words that bring peace. A speech can encourage a nation or it can incite hatred. When Martin Luther King Jr. said, “I have a dream.” it inspired a group of people to rise up out of slavery and bigotry and they lived to see the dream he spoke of become a reality.

On the other hand you can have Hitler speak his hatred for the Jews and then follow-up his hatred with unbelievable actions that resulted in Jews being killed on a daily basis by the thousands. Who was the one who inspired Hitler? It was the theologian Martin Luther who wrote the pamphlet, “The Christ Killers.” This pamphlet and the words of Martin Luther had a profound affect on Hitler and his world view.

Words on a personal level can challenge us to great heights of achievement, or they can bring us to the darkest moments of our lives. The question is what words are you listening to. Words are containers and they carry faith or fear. So faith comes by hearing, and so does fear. The secret to life is who are you listening to and what words are forming you. It really is a matter of life or death. So what do you think?