Voted ugliest girl in the world …Amazing story


A story of a young women who accidentally saw a web site that had the caption the worlds ugliest person. When she looked at the site what she saw was a video of herself when she was eleven years old. Then she went further she read the comments. Not one of the comments were positive. Some even shared how she could kill herself. How did she get past this? How would you handle something like this. She was born with a rare disease and had a hard time understanding why people could be this cruel. She asked God a lot of questions and some of the answers
may amaze you.

This young woman is a hero. She is now a public speaker and is enjoying life and all it has to offer. So give a listen and then let me know …So What Do You Think?

A young boy visits heaven


So do you believe in heaven? What happens when we die? Is it possible that life continues on? Perhaps death is just the beginning not the end. This video is about a boy who visited heaven. The doctors said that he had died but during a time he visited with relatives that had passed away and shared things with his parents that blew their minds.

They now have made a movie from the boys experience and I cannot wait to see it. When you get to be my age the topic of heaven is something you need to think about. It is not hard for me to believe in the afterlife because it makes no sense that this miracle called birth ends in nothingness. I believe that this body is just an earth suit but the real you the real me is a spiritual being.

I was in the room when my mother died. She took one last breath and then she was gone. The feeling was that mom had left but her body was still with us. I can’t explain it in words but it was so obvious that the essence of who mom was, was not longer in her body. It was a sad but also in a strange way wonderful experience. I knew that mom had passed on to a better place.

I have read a lot of stories of death bed experiences where people are declared dead but come back to life. The stories are so common. A brilliant light, angelic beings, meeting up with loved ones, the sense of love and peace are overwhelming.

In my mind heaven is for real. What about you? So What Do You Think?

Alice Cooper A Christian

Somebody once said God did not create cookie cutter Christians. Well with that said he broke the mould with Alice Cooper. I was once criticized for using a swear word in a sermon. I think I said, People don’t give a damn…it was street language. I have the feeling I will never be invited to speak in that church again. However this same group loves Bono and they have quoted him many times. Bono is a great guy and one of my hero’s but he drinks a bit and swears a bit and is not your typical christian.

So back to Alice Cooper, he is not what most people think of when they think of Christians. Heavy Metal Band, crazy stunts he pulls on stage, the make up and the name just don’t work for some of my fundamental friends. The only thing I have to say is God is bigger than our judgements. God looks at the heart of person and if we were to get into a relationship by how we acted, or looked we would all be hooped.

I loved hearing Matthew Mcconaughey’s acceptance speech at the Oscars. He first of all thanked God. Well i saw the movie he won the Oscar for and it was pretty raw. The language and some sex scenes but here he is on national television thanking God…It just does not make sense to the religious mind. You see God looks at the heart of a person. King David is highly regarded by most Christians but he committed adultery, raised a rebellious son and had a man killed…not good pastor material.

I am not saying we need to pattern our lives after Alice Cooper, King David or Matthew Mcconaughey. We pattern our lives after Jesus. What I think I am saying is that the Grace of God is greater than we might imagine. Simply put His ways are not our ways.

So I have given up on trying to judge who is a Christian and who is not. I will leave that to God. I am simply trying to love people all people. That includes people of other faiths, cultures, gay or straight, country or city folk all people. So enjoy the interview with Alice Cooper. Then if you feel so lead, leave a comment and tell us So What Do You Think. images-1

Stop the Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is an epidemic. It needs to be stopped but how. In this video a brave young lady shares the sickness that is Cyber Bullying. I don’t think parents understand how much of an epidemic this is.


School should not be a place where you try to survive it should be a place where you thrive and lay a foundation for the future. Please lets do all we can to stop the epidemic of Cyber Bullying….

So What do you think.

T.J. Jakes Why Did God Choose Me?

T.J. Jakes is an amazing communicator. I have heard him speak some amazing sermons. In this video he gets real, very real. It is amazing to me the people God uses. Most of the people were not the ones we might call into leadership. The disciples were from various walks of life. Peter denied Christ, the others bailed during his crucifixion. Paul was reported to have put Christians to death, David was an adulterer and a killer. God seems to take broken people and then he fills them up with himself and they become world changers.

Here is a truth, if you wait for God to make you perfect before He will use you, you will die before perfection. God uses us in spite of our faults. We may think we have certain skills and abilities but they fail in comparison to what God has in store for us. He wants us to dream big dreams and have amazing vision. I do not care what your lot is in life God can build something great on it.

God did not send Jesus to condemn the world He sent Jesus to save the world. Save us from ourselves and our selfish ambitions and desires. He has a plan for our life and a destiny. Jesus said, “I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly.” He is talking about the life of God living in us and through us. You might say your not worthy, well you are right but it is not about you it is about what God has done for us through Jesus.

Listen to Pastor Jakes it is an amazing story. So What Do You Think. href=””>images-4

Born For Purpose-Les Brown

Many people get up miserable, instead of saying good morning God they say good God it’s morning. This is not how God created you to live. He created you for purpose. This video is powerful, it is about being an overcomer instead of being overcome. It features a clip from the Jackie Robinson film. A young man who blazed the way for Afro Americans to play major league baseball and it was anything but easy. How you handle the tough times, the valleys is what builds greatness in you. You may have failed personally and you have a difficult time forgiving yourself. Take it from someone who knows it is hard to get off the floor but what is the alternative. Your business may be failing, your relationships are difficult but you have the keys to make it all better.

This video if viewed correctly can allow you to refocus. To realize that you are not alone, nor are you the first one to go through what you are going through. The key is faith. King David said, “I would have lost heart but I chose to believe that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” Now that is vision, seeing things that are not but in reality they are because you see life through the lens of faith.

I do hope this video encourages you. In a world of discouragement we need to be encouraged. Life is all about attitude and how you see things. So what is your attitude towards life. Are you a fighter, a person who does not quit? Do you believe you have a purpose to fulfil during this brief stint on planet earth? Well raise up and be that person. You can do it, I believe in you…and so does God.

So What Do YOu Think?

Gene Simmons Is A Tebow Fan

So if you would have told me that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame would be defending Tim Tebow I am not sure I would believe you…but here it is on video the proof…Gene Simmons is a Tebow supporter. Do you know what I support Gene Simmons. I enjoyed his TV show and I was hooked when he started to share his love for Shannon and the journey he and Shannon took to get married and in the process heal their relationship. The Bible says the truth will set you free and Gene shared his dark secrets with the one he loved and I believe God restored what could have been a disaster of a relationship.



I am sitting in my loft on a beautiful evening in Vancouver B.C. I am looking out over the water at the mountains and I am thinking what a place Terry and I live in. They call it Super Natural British Columbia.
Today I was thinking, how complex nature is. The fact that we are on this ball called Earth and it is spinning and moving and it is so precise that if one little minor thing goes wrong it is over as far as this earth is concerned. So the age-old argument if you see something that is of great design there must be a designer. I am not a scientist but logic does work for me.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the beauty. Then if you are a believer in God enjoy the detail of His creation. If you do not believe in God enjoy the beauty and enjoy the idea that nothing created all of this and it was just a result of a big bang and everything coming together just right and it is all random selection and Darwin and survivor of the fittest and this is all there is so I better enjoy it .

Again I cannot argue science with you I am just not that smart, but I may be able to talk logic and logic tells me design equals designer…it works for me.

Have a great day and Enjoy.

A View From The Top!

looking-down-43-floorsThe video is stunning and it gives you an idea of the view the people who work on this project see everyday.
If you are going to New York be sure to visit the Memorial it is very moving. The whole area around the Freedom Tower has gone through a renovation and now is one of the most desirable places to live in Manhattan.

The question I ask is how many of you could do this kind of work? Would you be willing to take a trip with one of the workers to the top of the Freedom Tower and help put up the spiral?

SO What DO You Think?

Bono’s message to church leaders–2

This is part two of an interview with Bono of U2 fame. It is refreshing to hear someone who speaks his mind but does so with humility. The Church today is trying hard to relate to the world. They have cookie cutter services designed to not offend or make anyone uncomfortable. Well the message of Christianity is radical. It is a call to social justice and it challenges people to reach out in tangible ways to the homeless, the widow, the orphans, the hungry and the outcast of society. The bible says, love your enemies, forgive those who mistreat you.

So it is interesting that God has chosen to use a rock star to speak to the church leaders. Most of the leaders watching this video would not approve of Bono’s lifestyle but they do listen to his words. Bono does not pretend to be a super saint or a theologian. He address issues that need to be brought up. How do we face the challenge of the aides epidemic? How do we relate to the Gay community? Why are we comfortable just giving money and not our lives to help those who are in desperate need? Christianity is radical, it is radical love, radical forgiveness, radical acceptance, radical in each care for those who cannot care for themselves. Jesus said, I do not come to condemn the world I have come to save it, now that is radical.

So i present to you an older interview that has a message that needs to be heard over and over again until we get it. Here is Bono part two, his message to leaders. So what do you think?

Romance Jeff Foxworthy Style

Jeff Foxworthy is a funny man. Just looking at him makes you laugh, not that he is funny looking but he is just a funny guy. He is best known for his redneck jokes but here are a few tips from Jeff in regards to romance. Jeff has made a ton of money off his redneck humour and you can see him from time to time on the show Shark Tank. Jeff is a committed Christian but he does not just talk the talk he walks the walk. The work that he does with children is amazing and he has a heart as big as his sense of humour. Jeff is the kind of guy that I would love to spend some time with. I have a feeling you could learn a lot from Jeff. He is not just a pretty face the man has a good business sense about him. I also believe he has a good idea of what proper priorities are all about. So enjoy Jeff’s take on romance and if the shoe fits wear it. So what do you think keeps the flame burning in a relationship? Love to hear your take on romance and perhaps you can add to Jeff’s list.


Ok, we have owned cats and we have owned dogs. Currently we have a dog named Biscuit. The cat we adopted into our family was a bit psycho, we spent a good amount of money-making sure he would stay on our deck and not go visiting the neighbours. He was obsessed with getting to the other side and in a way he finally did. I came across this video on you tube and it about sums up dogs and cats. Cats have a mind of their own and they own the home. Dogs are obsessed with pleasing their owners and can’t wait till your home. Cats seem to be very happy if your away or not. My son and daughter in law have a wonderful cat. He has personality and they swear that she talks to them, I am beginning to believe them.

I do not want to spark a debate on a better pet, that is up to you. I just thought this video was great and I want to share it with the millions upon millions who come to for inspiration and the odd humorous story. I tend to exaggerate a fair bit on my numbers. So do you have a cat story to tell? How about a dog story? Let me know what you think about dogs and cats.