Salim Jiwa and Gordon Pennington on America’s Image

A number of years ago I interviewed Salim Jiwa (Vancouver-based journalist and author. Currently editor of Vancouver’s online news source –

On the same show, I also interviewed Gordon Pennington. (Former director of marketing for Tommy Hilfiger, Gordon Pennington is an international consultant to corporations, governments and institutions. His clients have included J.P. Morgan, Chase, CBS, British Airways, Mercedes Benz and others. He currently serves with Burning Media Group in New York.)

The topic was the abuse of prisoners by members of the U.S. Military. It came after the news of the beheading of a U.S. journalist by terrorist. Salim has appeared on many talk shows throughout North America for his work in regards to terrorism. Gordon Pennington is an expert in regards to branding and in this case talking about how the United States is being perceived by the international community.

Can America be the policemen for the world? Is the United States doing enough to stem the violence and civil rights abuses in other countries? What should be the response of a superpower be to the great injustices that are happening in so many countries? Do you believe the United States has lost its credibility because of torture tactics and the way some in the military have conducted themselves?

Take a look at this interview. I will post part two tomorrow. I think you will agree there is a lot of food for thought. So What Do You Think?

Nina Grewal A Merry Christmas

Nina Grewal is a Sikh and she loves Christmas. She has no problem wishing people a Merry Christmas. Sometimes political correctness is anything but correct. What makes Canada a great country is that we can celebrate our various religious holidays. The bah humbug folks who are disturbed because of Nativity scenes on public property or the singing of traditional songs during Christmas are simply disturbed.

If there is one thing we can learn from each other is tolerance. Do you think someone is going to be damaged in some strange way because the story of Christmas is played out on our city streets or schools or public office buildings. YOu don’t have to be in agreement, but tolerant is not a bad idea. I know a lot of people who do not believe in the message of Christmas but they love the pageantry and they even attend church services and candle light services just because they enjoy the feelings and emotions that go along with the season.

So what do you think. Is it Merry Christmas or is it simple happy holidays. Personally I love Christmas it is the most wonderful time of the year. Gee sounds like a song.

The election and pro wrestling!

Romney is the wacky cult leader who believes God is a man who lives on another planet. Obama is the closest Muslim and is a black guy who loves basketball but is accused of being the wolf in sheep’s clothing.. Then you have the reporters of the event. CNN which is so left-wing and bias that it is comical to say the least. Then there is Fox news with the brash Obama haters spilling out crazy stuff. Oh let us not forget the Donald.
The man has a God complex and is so frustrated today because he was not able to buy the presidency. He so wanted to name the white house the Trump House.

The issues were the economy and jobs . One side said you are the cause and the other said no you are the cause and we had to dig out. The debates would have been better if they had been able to actually fight it out. No holds barred, cage match. It would have been much more entertaining and I also believe it would have had more substance.

In the end , six billion dollars later we ended up right where we started. Mitt can go back to counting his money and Obama can get on with running the country. It was an interesting event….but far to pricy but hey have you tried buying tickets to a pro sporting event ? Perhaps they can redeem some of the money by making a reality television show.. The cast of characters are great fun to watch.

The Challenge

Obama is in for four more years. Nothing has really changed, except we saw six billion dollars go into this election. I am a simple person but I must ask the question where did all that money go? Hey, we are talking six billion. I wonder if Romney ever looked at his close advisers and said, “well there goes a few billion/”
So I was thinking about a billion dollars. The thought entered my mind what if a billionaire decided to do something really crazy. Here is the crazy , he writes a check to every person who makes under $200,000 a year , a check for one million dollars. He is left with hundred of millions in his or her account and everyone in Canada and the U.S. is rich. What would that look like. Oh I can see a movie coming out of this idea. Well it is fun to dream. So what do you think?

Chris Christie Meet Chris Farley

I have been watching the Republican convention. It is ironic that it is happening at the same time as a major storm is making headlines.
I watched Mitt Romney’s wife ann address the crowd. She came on after the Governor of New Jersey spoke.
she is not far removed from Rodeo drive. So this is a well orchestrated show, I mean convention. When people are interviewed they seldom answer the questions
they simply stay on script. Since this is a video world and image is everything they even had a Black Women Mayor who is Mormon share her thoughts. They had
a jewish prayer, a Christian prayer a mormon prayer and I believe a Sikh said a prayer but so there has not been a Muslim sharing the platform.

The other thing that hit me, I have never seen so many white people in all my life. Where are the minorities?

My final thought, do I believe Mitt will get elected? Not a chance. It does not matter about his policies, what matters is does he relate to the middle class American.
It is hard to relate to someone who lives so far above us. He would make a wonderful Prince, or King or a ruler of a small country but as the President of The United
States he will not be able to buy enough votes to get in. If he could buy the votes he has the money to do it but he can’t.

The final thing is his faith. He is Mormon and Mormons drive Christians batty. The no fun and some time mental fundamentalist will not tolerate a Mormon getting
into office. The more he talks about his role with the Mormon Church the more he alienates the God-fearing Baptist and Pentecostals who cannot believe that a
Mormon could possibly be God’s choice to be the leader of America. You want to see dirty politics, get religion on the front burner and you have a political storm that is
equal to the hurricane that is currently pounding America.

Now crazy things happen in elections. Remember the hanging chad… I may be wrong but in this election it would take more than a hanging chad it would take
something equal to the parting of the Red Sea for Mitt to become President. Just my opinion , but so what do you think?

Faith and Politics

Lorna Dueck a friend of mine and an excellent columnist and TV host, recently wrote an article about faith and politics. It was well thought out and insightful and it was published in the Globe and Mail a national newspaper in Canada. I decided to read the comments that were printed about Lorna’s article. It said a lot about the spiritual climate in Canada.

People ask me about the difference’s between Canada and the United States. This is one of the big ones, Canada has a large secular humanist population and it is very socialistic country.

So here is my thought on this. Who cares either way. The question that should be asked is what kind of leader is the person in office. Are they honest, do you trust them, do they believe in the freedom of religion and do they support those who choose not to believe? What is their stand on equal rights. The question of a persons faith is interesting but it should not be how we judge a persons ability to lead.

From what I read in the comment section I would not want some of the hard core atheist to be in office . The reason is they are so intolerant of those that do not believe the way they do. they are very evangelical in there approach to life. So the thing that they are afraid of in regards to the faith based folks is the very thing they are guilty of themselves.

The concept is leadership not a persons faith or lack of. When you live in a democracy and when you live in a diverse cultural society tolerance and bridge building is the key to good leadership.

Lets try to get over our bigotry on both sides of the fence and give people the space they need to function in our respective society’s.

The President Begs For Money

Michelle Obama wrote to me and it was the classic if you do not support Barak the country is in trouble letter. She uses statements like I know I don’t want to wake up on November 7th wondering if I could have done more. We’ve only got a few more hours before the deadline hits us..

Some of these emails are like the ones I receive from faith ministries and non profit organizations. The idea is create a crisis and make sure you put in some personal guilt and you may shake a few coins out of the supporters.

Now the truth is Obama , Biden, Michelle do not send out these emails. This is a tried and true approach to beffing, I mean fund raising. I really don’t see much difference than the homeless guy who sits outside of Starbucks. He has a cleaver sign that says, begging is humiliating but giving to the poor and needy is a great thing. Please help me feed my family.

So the president of the United States has a begging machine in place. It is very sophisticated and I am sure he is raising millions. Does anyone actually think the president is writing a personal note to them? It is a little like professional wrestling we know its fake but thousands treat it as if it is real. Now to be fair I am sure Mitt Romney does the same thing but I am not on Mitt’s mailing list. Perhaps he does not need to beg.
He is so rich that if he loses he could just buy the country and declare himself King.

So Mr. President I feel bad that you have had to resort to psychological manipulation to raise your needed funds. Perhaps you could persuade some college students who have some spare time to stand out front of Starbucks with a big bucket and perhaps they could have a life like poster of you with your hand out and they could say something like, do you really want to see this man out of a job, or better yet a cutout of the family including their dog and a caption that says, “ We do not need another provider out of a job, please support Barak Obama and protect this families future.)

So my final thought, why don’t we just cap the spending? Then perhaps we would not have to see the most important man in the united States reduced to a beggar so he can mount a good campaign for presidency.

Rons Rant Crack Pipes

This is true what I am about to tell you. The Government of Canada now gives out free crack pipes along with instructions on how to use . How convenient. This is part of the harm reduction program for addicts. So the idea is if you can’t help them get off drugs at least help them do drugs. Does the word enabling come to mind.
So whats next free coupons for make your own beer for alcoholics. Perhaps they could give out free high calorie content junk food to the obese.

Perhaps they could supply money for the gamblers. Heres two hundred dollars go enjoy yourself. Oh and the new one is that Brothels may soon be legalized. So if you’re a sex addict you now will not have to worry about being caught for picking up a prostitute.
So before long we will be like Holland. No crime, because nothing is illegal. Problem solved. So what does this say about our society? The funny thing is we are doing this for health reasons. Ok call me an Idiot but I thought being addicted to coke is not the healthiest of lifestyles. When anything goes, everything goes and that’s just the way it goes. So what do you think?

Obama will he sing his way to second term?

Obama may sing his way into the second term. Jeremy Lin may shoot his way into the White House. Why not he is a Harvard Grad and now that he has star power, watch out. The three reasons why the republicans will not get in. Newt, Mitt and Rick, between the three of them they do not have half the Charisma of Barak Obama.

So you can talk all you want about taxes, schooling, federal deficit, crime, health care or whatever in the end Hollywood wins out.

It is so strange that with all his money Mitt Romney has not been able to develop a better brand. He comes off as the rich guy that you want to be but you do not want to elect. I would love his money but not him is the sense I am getting. Rick and Newt are just two guys who will get clobbered if they win the nomination. They have good ideas but Newt is Newt and Rick is just to white. What I mean by to white is he is not that good looking, he is just a nice guy trying to exist in a media war that chews nice guys up.

So 2016 who will run after Obama. Will Jeremy Lin, who is a Harvard Grad, may just decide to go into politics. We have had actors and athletes in politics and they have done fairly well. His Fever is catching on and it may just carry over into the political arena.

Jeramey a word to the wise. Keep shooting hoops because the political game is not an arena you want to play in.

So the question is still, So What Do You Think?

Romney a mud slinger?

So the race is on and the one horse nobody thought would have a chance is now in the lead. The only problem with this race is you have the other contestants trying to knock you off your horse. In this case Mitt Romney is using a mud gun to shoot you off your horse. So the question is does mud slinging hurt Romney?

Rick Santorum is running on the platform that he is the only true conservative running. He does not have the money that Romney has so he will have to outsmart him. The current ad he is running is brilliant. The ad shows a mud-slinging Romney but the problem is the mud is missing the target and his mud gun backfires and hits himself. This could be the ad that changes everything. The other question is does Santorum have the electability to knock off President Obama?

I have said before this is a race of image and I think Rick has just painted an amazing picture of Romney. The rich guy who has a weak platform and has taken the tactic of slinging mud at his opponents. This just might work.

Now the question is, can he beat Obama? If his ad people can keep coming up with great ads he may just pull it off. The only thing is there is a long way to go and I am sure we will see some twist and turns in this soap opera called the republican elections.

So what do you think? That is the question.

Attack Ad, Are There no more Issues in US Politics?

Attack Ad, Are There no more Issues in US Politics?
Attack Ad, Are There no more Issues in US Politics?

Attack Ad, Are There no more Issues in US Politics?

Just watched a movie called casino jack.
Everyone should see this movie.

The more I see of politics the more I hate politics.

So here is my simple statement …I hate politics but I love my country…
The politician says lets discuss issues. I say ok then they start to sway.
Do we talk about war, abortion, unemployment, or the housing crisis, no they mostly major on trash talk. My opponent is the bad guy I am the good guy.
It is the make them look bad and I will look good philosophy. The problem is your opponent abides by the same philosophy.

Politics in America is a dirty art form. If you believe the ads politicians are liars cheaters and controlled by lobbyist .
In Florida Romney is spending 14 million on ads.
14 million….schools are underfunded, welfare programs are being cut, thousands of family’s are living in their cars and we spend millions on attack ads…Obama, Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Paul they all do it. It is how the game is played. Well I don’t like the game. CNN, Fox News, the Internet and media world wide is the board where the game is played. The multinational companies are the ones who control the pieces in the game and you and I are simple pawns to be manipulated by the political wizards who tell us what to believe.

So like the line in the movie says “show me the money”. He with the most lobbyist wins
There is no high road in politics. It is a long and winding road filled with huge potholes.

America is not in trouble because of inflation and the high cost of fuel …
America is in a leadership crisis.

America is suffering a moral crisis of epic proportions and which is a direct result of leadership. As leadership goes so goes the country. We learn from observation and imitation …If you look at the way we elect our leaders you see the problem clearly.

This is why I hate politics. It simply shows us the real state of the union and it leaves me in a state of shock.

So what do you think?