The Railway Man


The Railway man is one powerful movie. It has two great themes, war is hell and the road to freedom is forgiveness. The acting is simply amazing and the story is so powerful.

It is not a movie for the weak at heart and I suggest you bring some extra kleenex.
My father was in World War Two and he was never the same after the war. The dreams haunted him for most of his life. This movie brings the reality of what people, mostly young men and women go through on the front lines of battle. I mentioned forgiveness…one of the big lines in the movie is “we can’t go on hating forever.” Powerful stuff take a look at the trailer and then I suggest you see the movie. It is an amazing film.


I am sitting in my loft on a beautiful evening in Vancouver B.C. I am looking out over the water at the mountains and I am thinking what a place Terry and I live in. They call it Super Natural British Columbia.
Today I was thinking, how complex nature is. The fact that we are on this ball called Earth and it is spinning and moving and it is so precise that if one little minor thing goes wrong it is over as far as this earth is concerned. So the age-old argument if you see something that is of great design there must be a designer. I am not a scientist but logic does work for me.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the beauty. Then if you are a believer in God enjoy the detail of His creation. If you do not believe in God enjoy the beauty and enjoy the idea that nothing created all of this and it was just a result of a big bang and everything coming together just right and it is all random selection and Darwin and survivor of the fittest and this is all there is so I better enjoy it .

Again I cannot argue science with you I am just not that smart, but I may be able to talk logic and logic tells me design equals designer…it works for me.

Have a great day and Enjoy.

A Culture At Risk–Gordon Pennington

The question we need to ask is, are we a culture at risk? Have we lost the wonder? Do we just want to be distracted? We are a nation of consumers but what are we consuming? When you hear the language, when you view the media in all its forms you wonder about the culture of America and I might add North America.

Nothing seems to shake us anymore. We have seen it and we have heard it. The papers used to say if it bleeds it reads but even that has lost its meaning. We have, I believe, 100 per cent sensory overload. Many of our children are zombie like as they stare into screens and play games that are so graphic in what they portray and we then wonder why we see so much violence being acted out in society.

We have fake sporting events that everyone knows is a show. The show is filled with themes of sexism, bullying, racism and your basic anti social behaviour. The show sells out the largest auditoriums. The amount of pornography that is available to anyone and everyone is out of control but no one seems to care.

So I could go on and on but do you agree that we as a culture are at risk of losing our centre, our purpose?
Are you shocked by anything anymore? So what do you think is the answer?


We hear so much negative stuff in the news it is nice to actually be inspired once in awhile. This is a story about a young man who has a learning disability and a great love for his school and basketball. He is the team manager and has never suited up for a game. In the final game of his high school year the coach is determined to put him in a game even if it means losing the game. The story has a twist at the end so be sure to watch the whole thing.

To me this is what being human is all about. The player on the other team said it best, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It is so simple isn’t it, if we could only do this it would make a huge difference in the way the world works. This story inspires me because it shows the priorities that govern the coaches life. It is not all about winning a game it is about doing the right thing. The young man on the other team that made an unusually kind gesture at the end of the game needs to be commended. He is a young man who will achieve great things in his life. He not only plays a sport well but he has an attitude that is connected to actions that will prove to make him a winner in whatever he does.

The last thing that inspired me was the reaction of the crowd. It was not the joy of winning the game it was the joy of seeing this young man with a learning disability fulfil a dream of his. The student body rushed the court and treated the young man like he had just won the game with a last second shot. In reality, they had already won the game and all he did was make a basket, but it was so much more than that and the students need to be congratulated. I think I would have loved to be a part of school like the one we see in the video.

It is nice to see some inspirational good

The End Times?

Do you believe we are living in the end times? There have been volumes written about this subject. So what do I believe? Well at 65 my end time is coming up, it is a number of years away but I can see it coming. We all have expiry date, but what about the world as we know it, does it have an expiry date? Did the ancient biblical prophets foretell the end times? The discussion on CNN sure brings up some good food for thought. The idea that when Israel becomes a nation is a sign and that other nations will align themselves against Israel is evident today.
The Bible talks about wars and rumours of war and the climate change and the general moral collapse that seems so wide-spread. The Bible also talks about something called the rapture. The idea that those who know God will be taken up to be with Him, in a twinkling of an eye. What a weird thing that would be, millions of people just vanish off the face of the earth.
What are your thoughts? Have you studied it or do you think it is just a fairy tale?

I tend to think there is something to this. I believe this world is running amuck and its time for something new. I believe God promises a New Heaven and a New Earth. Not to get to technical but according to scripture there was a rebellion in Heaven and 1/3 of the angels left the place. So perhaps its time for Earth and Heaven to be made anew.

Personally I believe that when i meet my end time it is not the end but just a new beginning. I mean after the miracle of birth it is not to difficult to imagine a new birth into a new realm. I kind of look forward to it…a new adventure.

So is the earth doomed. Yea, most likely but the good news is you’re not. Jesus Christ gave us a get out of doom free card and He made it possible for us to enter into this new dimension today. We can experience a bit of what heaven is like on this earth. Ok so I went to preaching but it makes for a great conversation. The End TImes …So What Do You THink.

Overcoming All Odds

This is one of the most inspirational videos I have ever seen. How a young man Nick Vuljicic triumphed against all odds. A young man born with no arms and no legs and today is inspiring millions to become everything they were created to be. Who would have thought that the person doing the segment would be Oprah. This is a series that she and Rick Warren, the author of “The Purpose driven life,,” produced together.

Watch this and if you do not tear up a little there is something wrong with your tear ducts. The simple saying, “no matter what your lot in life you can build something beautiful on it,” holds so much meaning in this case. I would suggest you google Nick Vuljicic and listen to his school presentation is is simple overwhelming.

So the question is what are you going through in your life? What are the road blocks or mountains that you have to overcome? I believe that there is nothing absolutly nothing that can separate us from the love of God. I also believe that there is nothing that limits what God can do in you but you. Over the next few weeks I am loading up my website with some of the most unusual and may I say powerful examples of Gods power, grace, compassion and love. Some of what you will see will make you question, you may have doubts, I am sure you will have opinions but God is bigger than we think and far more powerful than we can imagine and God refuses to be put into a box. So what you may witness may blow your mind. That is ok, we need to have our minds blown, it knocks out the cobwebs.

So enjoy this video and let me know what you think?

The Carless Driver Prank….So Funny

What was one of your favourite pranks that you have pulled or that you have seen recorded on you tube. Send me the link and I will post it on I have also seen some pranks go bad. A pastor friend who was a prankster set up an air horn in his coat closet and was going to do the prank with one of his co-workers. As the day went on he forgot about the air horn in the closet which was set to go off when someone opened the door. He had an afternoon appointment with an elderly lady who was distressed about her living conditions and wanted some prayer. She came into the office and the pastor said to her, hang up your jacket in the closet. So you can see where this is going. The lady just about had a heart attack when she opened the door and the air horn went off.
That pastor has now sworn off pranks.

If you have a prank story that has worked and was fun or that backfired write it up in the comment section and share your story. If you have not seen this prank on you tube, enjoy it is very well done and it took a lot of work. So what do you think?

The impossible is possible


My friend Bill Strickland was recently interviewed and the interview gives a lot of insight to what a group of people can do when they believe that the impossible is possible. Bill has written a book called, “making the impossible possible” and it is a great read. Bill is a visionary who is relentless in his pursuit to make a way for people who have felt there may be no way. To put it simple, I have never been more impressed with what has happened over a relative short time. Thousands of young people and adults have found hope and a path to a new life that without the sacrifice and the passion that Bill Strickland and his team have brought to the world they would most likely still be living in fear and hopelessness.

This is not a story of what can be done, this is a story of what is being done. It is a story that movies are made of. Listen to this interview and prepare to be inspired.

Gun Management

So the second amendment says you have the right to bear arms. Now when that was written America was a new country. It needed to have the right to defend itself. When this was written automatic weapons and high-powered rifles and hand guns that fire rapidly were not even thought of. I am not sure that the forefathers had in mind that every citizen should have the right to an arsenal of weapons. How many guns does one need to defend a family?

So to be specific here is what some people are proposing for weapons management.

The Second Amendment — elevated to a state of holiness, its problematic comma debated for decades and “resolved,” for the moment, by the Supreme Court — is a relic. It made sense when it was written. It does not make sense now.
What would a new “right to bear arms” amendment look like? If I were writing it, it would contain provisions for:
• Registration of all firearms;
• Licensing of all gun owners, predicated on completion of a background check and a passing score in a reputable gun-safety course;
• Safe and secure storage and transport of all firearms;
• Criminal and civil penalties for owners whose guns have fallen negligently into the hands of violent felons, minors, the mentally ill;
• Ban on all assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, except for those possessed by the military and law enforcement;
• Ban on so-called “armor-piercing” handgun bullets;
• The elimination of the infamous gun-show loophole in the Brady bill.

Message to Josh–Guns

My brothers son Joshua is a great guy. Actually my brother is a great guy. We have this ongoing discussion about guns. So I thought I should share my heart on the subject. I am sure I will not change Joshua’s mind but perhaps he will have an insight to why I have taken the stand I have.

Joshua, have you ever stood over a person who has shot themselves? I have and it changes you. A young man I was working with could not stand the fact that he had gone back to his drug addiction and he hated the thought of facing his parents again. He got his dad’s gun and ended his life. I was called to the scene by the father….I will never forget it.

Then there was the time I was called out of a meeting on a Sunday night by a distraught young person who said to me that her father had just shot her mom and then shot himself in the head. She asked me if I would go to the hospital with her. I still relive that day every time hear of a domestic shooting.

Then there is the time I was held hostage by a distraught young man who held a gun on me and threatened to kill me. I had been counseling his wife.
Joshua have you ever had someone hold a gun on you with the intent to kill you?

Then there was the time a young man who had been bullied because he was gay. He came to us for help but he felt so ashamed and his folks who were Christians had kicked him out of his home. He was in his late teens. Finally he could not take it anymore and he went home retrieved his dads gun and killed himself.

When I hear of the pro athlete from the Kansas City Chiefs who in a fit of rage killed his girlfriend in front of his child and then drove to the training facilities and shot himself in front of his coach , it brings back so many memories.

I guess one more story then I will stop. While working in the media in Kelowna I witnessed a hostage taking in front of a Video Store. The young man had a gun and was trapped in the parking lot by the police. I just happened to be in the parking lot at the same time and filed a live report on the radio station. Then I witnessed the police open the door and pull the young lady out of the car and the young distressed man opened fire on the police and one of the officers had to shoot him.

I looked at the face of the young police officer and it is still etched in my mind.

So as I said I am not out to change your mind on your stance on guns. I am just letting you know why your Uncle has seen what a gun can do to another human being. I hope it may give you some insight to why I take my stand.

What”s Right With Your World?

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in an ongoing conversation with friends on Facebook. So much of the conversation has been on what going on the world. I realized what a negative flow I was getting into. So today is the U.S. thanksgiving. So today this thought crossed my mind….what is right with the world? To be more specific what is right in my world?

The thought crossed my mind , what you seek is what you will find. Last night I was moved to tears watching the X factor. The theme was thanksgiving and some of the stories from the talent on the show was deeply moving.

So I am starting my what is right in my world thought. The one thing that stands out most in my life is my relationship with my best friend who happens to be my wife, Terry. We have been married for over 40 years and I think the reason it has lasted the test of time and trails is the deep-rooted friendship we have. There is no one I would rather spend time with then Terry.

As I am writing this I looked out my window and took in the view of the mountains , the ocean and downtown Vancouver and I thought to myself what a fortunate person I am to live in such a beautiful place.

So what is right in your world? I would love to hear your thoughts. Write them down in the comment section and I will put some together and share them in an upcoming video. So once again the simple question is , so what is right in your world?
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Can you be faithful? Sex outside of marriage!

Almost every week I hear of another family that has been devastated by a husband or wife who decided to have sex with someone other than the person they are married to. The result is children suffer, the partner suffers and society suffers.
It comes as no surprise we are bombarded with sexual imagery . It is so common place that we do not pay much attention to it until it affects someone we love.
It often seems like a good idea at the time, but ask Tiger Woods if it was worth it or Bill Clinton or the CIA director. I believe they would talk about the pain and the loss of respect that it brought to them. Thousands of books have been written about infidelity and the chapters just keep getting written. Lets face it we live in a world where certain things are glorified. Women for the most part in North America are treated like sex objects to be conquered by insecure men who make a sport out of seeing how many women they can have sex with.
SO what is the answer? Do we just give in to the thinking of modern society or is there some way of turn the tide back to a moral base?
The problem is so wide spread. It is a prevalent in the Church as it is on the street corners of our great cities.. I

Again I have more questions than answers but I would love to hear what you think.