Mike Falcon Slacking Off

Mike Falcon is an amazing person. I first meet Mike in Kelowna B.C. and Mike was the ultimate sports guy. He did it all and he now lives in Vancouver and now in his fifties and he is still doing it all.
Just by accident I meet up with Mike in Coal Harbor, He was hooking up a slack line and was getting ready to work out. So I quickly pulled out my trusty I pad and started asking some questions.
Mike is getting pretty good but as you will see in the interview there are some people who are amazing. I must admit at first I thought a slack line would be boring but as I watched Mike work out I could see where it would be addictive.
So what do you think,;;;Slack Lines?

New York New York

รง The one area that I like the most is the sports fields on top of a parking Garage located on a pier.

People ask me what do I love to do in New York? Riding over Brooklyn Bridge is fun, then you can eat the best pizza imaginable, located under the Brooklyn Bridge on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. I also love to ride around Central Park on a bike and of course there is nothing in this world like Times Square.

My daughter lives in Battery Park and this is an area that has been developed over land fill. Battery Park got its name from being a battery location to keep war ships from coming into the harbour. Over the years I have had the joy and wonder of watching the New towers go up at the 9-11 site. The 9-11 Memorial is amazing and very moving.

For some crazy good shopping you can visit Century 21 across from the 9-11 site and you will be blown away by the bargains they offer. The city has changed for the better in so many ways. I feel safe in New York and I love the people. It is a world city and it is a city that the world comes to.

When you go to a Yankees game and they win, they play Frank Sinatra’s version of New York New York. So I thought I would play a little bit of ol’ Blue Eyes for you. If you have visited New York what is your favorite memory? What do you like to do most in New York? So What Do You THink.

The impossible Happened

ow did they do it? With Light, water, creativity and a whole lot of work. They believed that if you changed someones way of looking at things you change the person. To change how they look at things you need to put people in an environment that creates the visual o in there souls.
Listen to this inspirational story and then you tell me, is it possible to do the impossible? My answer is yes and the reason for my answer is simple, they have done it.

The big 65

I was born July 4th 1947. World War Two had ended and I was a post war baby and my brother Dennis was a pre war baby. (he is seven years older) Our family moved a lot, Iowa, Minnesota, Texas, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Hawaii, Victoria, Kelowna and now Vancouver. I know I missed some places. I remember our first black and white t.v. with three stations available on rabbit ears. (the word cable was not known) I have seen a man land on the moon, a president killed, his brother killed, Martin Luther King killed and another president shot. I lived through the Viet Nam War, The Korean War, The War in Iraq, to name a few. I have lived to see the first African-American elected president, I may live long enough to see a woman elected. My family and I have traveled the world, I shot a documentary on Israel, I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of young people and I have had the joy of hosting a nightly prime time t.v. show. Today, we are developing an educational website called Learn With Us Now and I have this video blog and hope to do some original web casting.

Over the years the thing that has stood out the most is family and friends. Terry and I have been married 45 years and we have three great adult children and three wonderful grandchildren. Life has been a challenge but Over all life is a constant over haul and I believe the best is yet to come.

How do you deal with anger?

A married couple from South Africa shared their thoughts, and the wife said she liked to talk about whatever the conflict is, the husband, well he is a typical guy, he would like to let it go, and perhaps, hope it will go away.

My father gave me some good wisdom. He said, don’t let anyone rent space in your head, anger will suck the life out of you. We hear a lot about road rage, and the police will tell you that the calls they fear most are domestic arguments. People often get so angry that they are out of control.

Anger, often leads people to revenge. Somehow I will get even type of attitude. This is easy to do, especially when you feel you have been wronged. I know people who are constantly in a state of unrest. The world is not a happy place for them. They have been wronged and somehow they are on a vendetta to make things right. We all know of people who are the drama kings or queens. Their lives are in constant conflict. It is a sad way to live. You are always trying to solve things and somethings are out of your control.

So how do you deal with anger? Do you have some words of wisdom for us? The book I read a lot says, “blessed are the peacemakers.” The quote, “war is Hell,” is a true statement. I would say, “An attitude of anger is hell,” is also true. How we deal with anger is one of the keys to living life on planet earth.

So what do you think?

Street Wisdom, “Success.”

I love talking to people on the streets. I asked the question, “when I say the word success what comes to your mind?” The answer were varied and one young gentleman really got into it. The general feeling from the people we talked to is, success is not about how much money you make or what kind of car you drive, but success is all about your personal relationships and reaching out to others. You need to have a sense of well-being about yourself and the people you associate with. I would love to have your thoughts on success. In North America it seems like we are all caught up in consumerism and we have little understanding of what is really important. The thing is when I talk to people on the streets they seem to have a very good idea of what real success is all about. Lets get some conversation going, “success,” what does it mean to you?
So What Do you Think?

To die or not to die

The question of doctor assisted suicide is in the news again. The question is simple, the answer is difficult. The debate often comes down to situation ethics. My mother had a massive heart attack and was left in a coma, my brother and I were asked a very difficult question, we can prolong her life but the reality is that she will never come out of the coma. The amount of damage was enormous. We asked the question what would mom want? That answer was simple, “she had said many times, “if I ever get to the place where’ll that is keeping me alive is a machine, please turn off the machine and let me go.”.

So the question is when does a person have the right to say enough?

In my mom’s case we honored her request, and let her go. She was ready, and she died peacefully. The problem perhaps comes with defining when a person has had enough and is the person reacting to a situation in a rational frame of mind. It is a slippery slope and there is no easy answer. I like living in a world where life is valued and it is not easily taken. I also like living in a world where death is a reality and when on death’s door A quality decision can be made as to when I might pass from this world into the next. So what do you think?

What you love about your city?

Vancouver is so unique, it defines the title world city. On certain days you can ski on the mountains and then play golf later in the day. The down town core goes from the rich vibes of Yale town to the crazy weirdness of gas-town. The city Is alive in the summer with outdoor jazz concerts to folk festivals. Stanley Park is the jewel of Vancouver and a trip to the aquarium is a must. So you get the idea I love this city…..you bet. Share with me what you love about y our city. Share some highlights.
So what do you think?

Bikes, no gas, no parking problems , great exercise

I have been riding a bike for five years.
We have a car but I might drive it once a week if I have to.
Vancouver is an awesome city to bike in. Stanley Park has to be one of the great bike paths in the world. You ride along the ocean on a flat surface and you enjoy the views of the city and the North Shore mountains. Spectacle does not begin to describe the thrill biking in. Vancouver.

We have our share of crazy drivers but nothing you say or do well change those that are just crazy. The same is to be said about people who drive cars. the majority are good drivers and then you have the crazies .

It’s a sunny day, I am going to grab my helmet and head out for a spin on the bike . Love to hear your thoughts about biking. so what do you think?

Will you still love me when I am 64- (or 65)

The Beatles recorded the song ,”when I am 64.” For your information Paul wrote this song when he was 16.. When they recorded it they were young and today there are only two left Paul and Ringo. (Paul is in his late 60;s Ringo is in his early 70″s) Wow it seems like yesterday. (another great song).

So this month another milestone, my wife and I celebrate our 45th wedding anniversary. It has been a long and winding road and we have needed a lot of help, but with a little help from our friends, we can work it out.

So I do not feel 65 but the reality is I am. For most of my sixty five years I have been married, we have three children and three great grandkids. The truth is I feel the best years of our lives are in front of us.

I also like the fact that in light of eternity Terry and I have so much more to look forward to. I am so happy that She still loves me ya ya ya. Life is great both now and forever more.

So what do you think.

What in the world is going on?

Chris Hedges, well-known author, journalist and war correspondent recently wrote this, “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy heath, lawyers  destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.  

Now this gives you something to talk about.  When I first read this statement I got defensive.  I know some doctors who work at giving their patients the best medical advice and care, I even know a lawyer who cares about justice, and I know some religious folks who care about morals and they actually work at loving people.  However that being said, I tend to agree with Mr. Hedges.  The question I have is how in the world did we get into this mess?  The simple answer may not be the institutions, or jobs, or the political party,  it may be the people who are in them.  

Let me share a story, a little boy wandered into his dad’s home office and wanted to play.  The dad was busy so the father looked at a picture in a magazine, it was a picture of the world.
He tore the picture up in rather small bits and asked the boy to sit down and put the world back together.  The father thought this should keep him busy for at least an hour, after about ten minutes the boy came back and had pieced the picture of the world together.  The father was blown away, he asked his 8-year-old son how did you do that?  The boy said,  ” it was easy, on the back of the picture of the world was a picture of a man.  I just put the man back together and the world came together.  

In every aspect of society I personally think the world has suffered from A complete and utter moral and ethical breakdown.  We have become hedonistic and we love fame and fortune and consumerism rules.  

We have said, we can live without God, we can do it on our own.
Leave this world to us.  Ok, for the most part we have done that.

The result, well you tell me.  So what do you think.

Honey, why did you say the car hit you?

So your walking along texting your friend when out of no where a car hits you. This is not the way you planned your day. The car did not want to hit you, he had no choice, you walked right in front of him.

So now your texting days are over. Actually , your days are over. So why did I die? Well, it was a text-book case. Pardon the pun. Instead of being aware of your surroundings, you got locked into your text conversation, which, got you booked into the after life. So texters (new word) beware, you are only one small step from eternity.
This commentary is based on a true story. So what do you think?