Can you be faithful? Sex outside of marriage!

Almost every week I hear of another family that has been devastated by a husband or wife who decided to have sex with someone other than the person they are married to. The result is children suffer, the partner suffers and society suffers.
It comes as no surprise we are bombarded with sexual imagery . It is so common place that we do not pay much attention to it until it affects someone we love.
It often seems like a good idea at the time, but ask Tiger Woods if it was worth it or Bill Clinton or the CIA director. I believe they would talk about the pain and the loss of respect that it brought to them. Thousands of books have been written about infidelity and the chapters just keep getting written. Lets face it we live in a world where certain things are glorified. Women for the most part in North America are treated like sex objects to be conquered by insecure men who make a sport out of seeing how many women they can have sex with.
SO what is the answer? Do we just give in to the thinking of modern society or is there some way of turn the tide back to a moral base?
The problem is so wide spread. It is a prevalent in the Church as it is on the street corners of our great cities.. I

Again I have more questions than answers but I would love to hear what you think.

Sounds familiar…

The good Reverend starts out by giving what most people would expect from a fundamentalist preacher, however at the end of his speech he throws in a major twist.
I have been harping for a long time on how Christians need to embrace critical thinking. We have been taught certain things for years and the reason we believe in certain things is usually answered by the statement , that is what we have been taught.
A good example is in regards to the Gay debate. In some Christian circles people are told that you were not born to be Gay. People are taught that it is a choice and it is a sin. They say there is no Gay gene. This is what they are taught. They are also taught that Gays can become Christians only if they give up their gay lifestyle and be converted to a straight lifestyle. This is what is taught and this is what people believe. I personally believed this for many years.
Over the years I have questioned my beliefs and I have come to some different conclusions. I no longer believe that a Gay person is doomed because of his or her sexual preference. I also refuse to label a friend of mine as gay or straight. I tend to look at people as friends and I treat them simply as friends.
I am so tired of the judgemental fundamentalist who seem to relish in their self-righteousness and they have no problem gossiping, divorcing, thinking immoral thoughts. So judge not lest you be judged….My stand today is simple, God you judge, I have been called to love my neighbour, black, white, gay or straight, saved or unsaved, muslim or hindu or any other religion.
I have enough trouble trying to keep my life together. I want people to think, please think ….its ok God gave you a brain not just to store information taught but to actually discover for yourself things that you wonder about. So what do you think?

An amazing story of sacrificial love!

Is there any deeper love than the love of a mother for her children? A lady in Kentucky risked her own life to secure the safety of her two children. In the process she may lose both of her legs. Her son then turned around and saved his mother’s life by running to the neighbours and getting help for his mom. In a lot of ways it was a miracle that they survived. The home was torn apart but the children walked away without a scratch on them.

This story prompted me to hit the streets and talk to folks about love. It was a very interesting morning. The truth is we hear the word love a lot but most people have a difficult time describing what love is. One of the best definitions of love is found in the bible. First Corinthians 13 is called the love chapter. It says things like, love is patient, love is kind, love does not keep a record of wrong, three things remain faith, hope and love but the greatest of these is love. If you have time google first Corinthians 13 I believe you will find one of the best descriptions of what love is all about.

It was sad to hear a young man on the streets say. “I never heard my parents say they loved me.” Everybody needs to know that they are loved and they need to hear it said to them everyday. The longer I live the more I am intrigued by the concept of love. I have been married to the same person for over 40 years and I must say it is great to grow old with someone you love.

So what is your definition of love? Let us know how you would define the word love. So What Do You Think.

Change For the Better, What Is the Evidence?

Change For the Better, What Is the Evidence?
Change For the Better, What Is the Evidence?

Change For the Better, What Is the Evidence?
No doubt we have seen the biggest changes in every aspect of society except for one area. The human race is still doing itself in. We have seen changes in North American culture. We swear more, we see more nudity and the divorce rate is soaring. We have far to many homeless people and we still have dictators and governments that oppress the masses. In some ways we have seen things that astound us and in far to many areas we see things that confound us. The divorce rate is soaring, our prisons are overcrowded, the drug problem is epidemic and the world economy is going into the tank.
You would think with all this technology, with the increase of knowledge we could figure some of things out.
So the biggest change is still not within our grasp. The ability to love one another …to heal not hurt…to care not curse….to lift up not tear down…to smile not frown….to believe not fear…to hold a hand not make a fist…That is the change I am looking for…So I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic of Change. It is a no brainer in regards to technology, science, medicine but we have had little improvement in the area of how humans treat each other…matter of fact we may have gone backwards. So What Do You Think?

Love is all you need, A Lifetime in Reflection

Love is all you need, A Lifetime in Reflection
Love is all you need, A Lifetime in Reflection

Love is all you need, A Lifetime in Reflection

So it has finally hit me…I am getting old. So how old? So what do you think? With this revelation It has caused me to think a bit about life andĀ rememberĀ a lifetime. I have experienced so much in my years. I have traveled to a whole lot of countries and I have meet some great people. I almost died a few times and I like most of us have regrets. One of the good things about my life is the women I married. I married up. We have been married over 40 years now and I hope we have another 40. She has taught me so much about love, acceptance and forgiveness. I am a fortunate man.
I watched the day a man stepped on the moon, I have laughed my self silly watching John Candy and I took the magical mystery tour with the Beatles. So many of my heros died., Elvis, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Lennon to name a few.

We now live in a generation where technology is opening so many new doors to us. The computer has made the world very small. We are becoming a one world nation in so many ways. However with this advancement we have not been able to advance the human soul. People are still killing people. Disease is still rampant, children are dying right now by the thousands for something as simple as not having water.

What is it going to take for humans to advance in the most important area of all. How do we get to a place where we stop doing ourselves in . We eat to much, we are self serving and far to often we just don’t give a damn about the poverty and hunger that is all around us.

The Beatles lyrics said it in song written by John Lennon, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” The other song title said, “Love, Love is all you need.” So why, why have we seen so many advancements in so many areas but we are lacking in the most important of all….how do we simply get along in the most basic of areas ….relationships…

So what do you think?

Marriage, Does Matrimony Matter, Is it Relevant in Today’s Society?

Marriage, Does Matrimony Matter, Is it Relevant in Today's Society?
Marriage, Does Matrimony Matter, Is it Relevant in Today's Society?

Marriage, Does Matrimony Matter, Is it Relevant in Today’s Society?

With the number of divorces on the increase worldwide, ‘so what do you think’ went to the streets of Vancouver again to ask the topical question, ‘is marriage relevant in today’s society?’.

Many recent polls show that the majority of people think it’s a good thing to live together before actually committing to marriage. What do you think?

On the whole, from those of whom we spoke with today, it was clear that most thought it is a good thing to commit to someone in marriage and to (at least for a short period of time) live with that person beforehand.

It would be great to hear your take on this.

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