Oprah- Words Of Wisdom

Oprah is an amazing lady. She has overcome great obstacles to become one of the most powerful women in the world today. I have watched a number of her presentations lately and I have been very moved. Oprah is who she is…and she is a deeply spiritual person who has rediscovered her faith in Jesus Christ.

I think because she is so popular she is open to a lot of judgement. I guess it comes with the territory but I decided to listen to what she had to say and I must admit I have been deeply moved. She has a gift and it is the gift of communication but her gift does not come because of her great education her gift comes from God and the ability to be vulnerable and real. I thank God that she was willing to share her gift with the world…the world is a better place because of Oprah.

Voted ugliest girl in the world …Amazing story


A story of a young women who accidentally saw a web site that had the caption the worlds ugliest person. When she looked at the site what she saw was a video of herself when she was eleven years old. Then she went further she read the comments. Not one of the comments were positive. Some even shared how she could kill herself. How did she get past this? How would you handle something like this. She was born with a rare disease and had a hard time understanding why people could be this cruel. She asked God a lot of questions and some of the answers
may amaze you.

This young woman is a hero. She is now a public speaker and is enjoying life and all it has to offer. So give a listen and then let me know …So What Do You Think?

A Culture At Risk–Gordon Pennington

The question we need to ask is, are we a culture at risk? Have we lost the wonder? Do we just want to be distracted? We are a nation of consumers but what are we consuming? When you hear the language, when you view the media in all its forms you wonder about the culture of America and I might add North America.

Nothing seems to shake us anymore. We have seen it and we have heard it. The papers used to say if it bleeds it reads but even that has lost its meaning. We have, I believe, 100 per cent sensory overload. Many of our children are zombie like as they stare into screens and play games that are so graphic in what they portray and we then wonder why we see so much violence being acted out in society.

We have fake sporting events that everyone knows is a show. The show is filled with themes of sexism, bullying, racism and your basic anti social behaviour. The show sells out the largest auditoriums. The amount of pornography that is available to anyone and everyone is out of control but no one seems to care.

So I could go on and on but do you agree that we as a culture are at risk of losing our centre, our purpose?
Are you shocked by anything anymore? So what do you think is the answer?


We hear so much negative stuff in the news it is nice to actually be inspired once in awhile. This is a story about a young man who has a learning disability and a great love for his school and basketball. He is the team manager and has never suited up for a game. In the final game of his high school year the coach is determined to put him in a game even if it means losing the game. The story has a twist at the end so be sure to watch the whole thing.

To me this is what being human is all about. The player on the other team said it best, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” It is so simple isn’t it, if we could only do this it would make a huge difference in the way the world works. This story inspires me because it shows the priorities that govern the coaches life. It is not all about winning a game it is about doing the right thing. The young man on the other team that made an unusually kind gesture at the end of the game needs to be commended. He is a young man who will achieve great things in his life. He not only plays a sport well but he has an attitude that is connected to actions that will prove to make him a winner in whatever he does.

The last thing that inspired me was the reaction of the crowd. It was not the joy of winning the game it was the joy of seeing this young man with a learning disability fulfil a dream of his. The student body rushed the court and treated the young man like he had just won the game with a last second shot. In reality, they had already won the game and all he did was make a basket, but it was so much more than that and the students need to be congratulated. I think I would have loved to be a part of school like the one we see in the video.

It is nice to see some inspirational good

A Culture Of Violence Verses A Culture of Success.

domestic-violence-400x258. America for the most part loves their guns. It is inbreed into their culture. It is the wild wild west mentality. I think I might bring something else to the table how about a culture of violence. Perhaps that is the root of the problem. The amount of road rage, domestic violence, bar fights, bullying are major problems. Guns may not be the problem, until someone loses control of themselves and has a gun available then serious problems arise more often than not.

I admit I do not have the answers. I have family and friends who own guns and are adamant about their rights to own a gun or guns. The second amendment is often quoted like scripture and I understand why they think the way they do. Personally, I do not like guns for many reasons that I have stated on various blogs. I would fall into the John McEnroe category. So the simple statement is we live in a society where you can carry a gun if you want or you can choose not to. The question I ask is simple, what can be done to stem the culture of violence that is so prevalent. In some of the major cities in North America it is like a war zone. Some of the problems arise from deep-rooted poverty, absentee fathers, divorce, a sense of hopelessness, a moral breakdown of epic proportions. These problems are not an easy fix.

My friend Bill Strickland has tackled some of these problems head on. He and his great team have developed a centre in Pittsburgh in the worst crime area that is getting tremendous results. They believe that if you create an atmosphere of greatness people will rise to that level. IF you put children in schools that look like prisons and are run down and under funded your chances of success are limited. IF you create an environment that gives a vision of what can be and you unlock the creative part of the brain the possibilities are endless. If we are going to spend money and believe me the government knows how to spend money then spend it on something that works. This is not rocket scientist stuff. It is all about priorities. The right to be educated and to be inspired in the process should be the right of every child. Google Bill Strickland and listen to what he has to say, it is world-changing stuff. He is developing in a group of people a culture of success.

I like that so much better than a culture of violence and guns. So what do you think?

The impossible is possible


My friend Bill Strickland was recently interviewed and the interview gives a lot of insight to what a group of people can do when they believe that the impossible is possible. Bill has written a book called, “making the impossible possible” and it is a great read. Bill is a visionary who is relentless in his pursuit to make a way for people who have felt there may be no way. To put it simple, I have never been more impressed with what has happened over a relative short time. Thousands of young people and adults have found hope and a path to a new life that without the sacrifice and the passion that Bill Strickland and his team have brought to the world they would most likely still be living in fear and hopelessness.

This is not a story of what can be done, this is a story of what is being done. It is a story that movies are made of. Listen to this interview and prepare to be inspired.

Can you be faithful? Sex outside of marriage!

Almost every week I hear of another family that has been devastated by a husband or wife who decided to have sex with someone other than the person they are married to. The result is children suffer, the partner suffers and society suffers.
It comes as no surprise we are bombarded with sexual imagery . It is so common place that we do not pay much attention to it until it affects someone we love.
It often seems like a good idea at the time, but ask Tiger Woods if it was worth it or Bill Clinton or the CIA director. I believe they would talk about the pain and the loss of respect that it brought to them. Thousands of books have been written about infidelity and the chapters just keep getting written. Lets face it we live in a world where certain things are glorified. Women for the most part in North America are treated like sex objects to be conquered by insecure men who make a sport out of seeing how many women they can have sex with.
SO what is the answer? Do we just give in to the thinking of modern society or is there some way of turn the tide back to a moral base?
The problem is so wide spread. It is a prevalent in the Church as it is on the street corners of our great cities.. I

Again I have more questions than answers but I would love to hear what you think.

Sounds familiar…

The good Reverend starts out by giving what most people would expect from a fundamentalist preacher, however at the end of his speech he throws in a major twist.
I have been harping for a long time on how Christians need to embrace critical thinking. We have been taught certain things for years and the reason we believe in certain things is usually answered by the statement , that is what we have been taught.
A good example is in regards to the Gay debate. In some Christian circles people are told that you were not born to be Gay. People are taught that it is a choice and it is a sin. They say there is no Gay gene. This is what they are taught. They are also taught that Gays can become Christians only if they give up their gay lifestyle and be converted to a straight lifestyle. This is what is taught and this is what people believe. I personally believed this for many years.
Over the years I have questioned my beliefs and I have come to some different conclusions. I no longer believe that a Gay person is doomed because of his or her sexual preference. I also refuse to label a friend of mine as gay or straight. I tend to look at people as friends and I treat them simply as friends.
I am so tired of the judgemental fundamentalist who seem to relish in their self-righteousness and they have no problem gossiping, divorcing, thinking immoral thoughts. So judge not lest you be judged….My stand today is simple, God you judge, I have been called to love my neighbour, black, white, gay or straight, saved or unsaved, muslim or hindu or any other religion.
I have enough trouble trying to keep my life together. I want people to think, please think ….its ok God gave you a brain not just to store information taught but to actually discover for yourself things that you wonder about. So what do you think?

Bullying what can we do?

So the question is what can we do to curb the amount of bullying that takes place on the inter net? The statistics are alarming at how many young people are taking their own lives simply because they are bullied.
I talked with a number of people in Yale Town in Vancouver and what you will see is just a bit of some of the conversations that I had. Have you ever been bullied? Share your thoughts and if you have some ideas on what can be done let us know.

The F Word

What is it about the F word that is so appealing?
It has become so common. I remember climbing up
the steps to have a hike on the Great Wall of China and
one of the students stumbled. She let out the f word and
continued on her hike. I asked her about her choice of words
and she said, “it is not a swear word it is just slang.”

Maybe I am just getting old but I was raised up that swearing was
not a thing that a gentleman or gentle women should not engage in
on a regular basis. It was not part of our everyday vocabulary. Today
I hear the f word everywhere. young kids , old kids, parents, men and women
it is no respecter of persons. Boy I really F-ed up or what the F is commonly used
in texting.

The f word means to have sexual intercourse. This is a very romantic thing, best suited
in my opinion, for people who actually love each other. So when we f up are we saying,
I really, sexual inter-coursed today? When we say, “what the f.” are we really saying, “What the sexual

Personally I don’t like swearing. I think it cheapens conversation. I think people have gotten so used to
swearing that it has become part of the way they communicate. So my question is, why? Why do we feel
the need to swear? Would the way we talk be compromised if we were to leave swear words out of our conversation?

I know people who if you asked them to leave the F word out of their conversation they would have a difficult time
communicating. We have become so accustomed to swearing that for many people it is not offensive anymore.
It is just a word….and it is that type of thinking that troubles me. So what do you think about morals, decency and
respect for your fellow human being? Don’t you think as a society we could do better? So what do you think?

In Memory of Dr. P.P. Job

I met a man a number of years ago with the unusual name of Dr. Job. He told me about an orphanage that he had started in India.
To be honest I never desired to visit India but after hearing his story I felt compelled to go. His story was a heartbreaker. He had lost two sons to religious persecution and as a result of that unspeakable tragedy he started a small work with thirty girls who were from the homes of persecuted Christians. When my good friend Greg Meeres of Boldfish productions and I went to India we were not prepared for what we encountered. The orphanage had grown to over three hundred girls, being fed, housed and educated in a beautiful campus. Dr. Job worked around the clock and traveled the world to share the Vision of the Michael Job Centre. Today there are over 600 girls at the Centre and a waiting list of girls who need to be there.

The Michael Job Centre is by far one of the most inspiring testimonies of what one man and His God can do when they are willing to tear down the walls and believe that you can do far more than you can think or imagine if you dare to believe that the impossible can be possible.

Of all the experiences I have had in my life, the one that stands out the most is the time I visited the work started by Dr. Job in India. The faces of the children and the memories touch me in a way that I cannot express in words.

Dr. Job passed away this week. He died doing what he was destined to do; telling the story of the Centre and preaching his heart out. He had a deep love for People and He and his wife have experienced emotional and physical pain beyond belief. His legacy will be felt for years to come in the lives of the young women who go from the Centre educated in Spirit, Soul and Body and become the leaders in the country of India.

Dr. Job well be deeply missed but his faith and his life of simple belief will continue to inspire people for as long as there are people on this planet. To my friend, Dr. Job, I want to say enter into your eternal rest. You earned it, and enjoy seeing your sons again.

You will be missed but never forgotten, thank you for what you have done, your life was well spent. Thank you, I for one will never be the same because of you.