Why America is not the greatest country in the world anymore!

In 2012 an innovative television series called The Newsroom opened its first show with a segment called “Why America IS Not Great Anymore.”

This was some brilliant writing and it shocked a lot of folks. The amazing thing is the truth that was shared needed to be heard. Its to bad this series is not being shown. It was simply brilliant.

Gene Simmons Is A Tebow Fan

So if you would have told me that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame would be defending Tim Tebow I am not sure I would believe you…but here it is on video the proof…Gene Simmons is a Tebow supporter. Do you know what I support Gene Simmons. I enjoyed his TV show and I was hooked when he started to share his love for Shannon and the journey he and Shannon took to get married and in the process heal their relationship. The Bible says the truth will set you free and Gene shared his dark secrets with the one he loved and I believe God restored what could have been a disaster of a relationship.


Musical Savant a must see video!

Lesley Stahl profiles British musical savant Derek Paravicini, whose computer-like memory for music is matched by his creative abilities to play it in any style. I was sent this video and I have now watched it about twenty times. It is amazing and almost unbelievable. It goes to show us the more we think we know the more we do not understand. I am putting this up on our site and we ask the question, “So What Do You Think?”

So I have posted two over the top videos. One, is a young man who looks anything like a talented singer and then the story of Derek Paravicini, who was born blind and can play anything and he can play any style. So again the simple question, So What Do You Think?

Young man blows my mind!

So every once in a while videos just need to be seen by as many people as possible. Someone posted this video on You Tube and it features a young lady and her shy friend. He is 17 and by outward appearances looks anything like an amazing singer. If you have not seen this video take a look. If you have seen it take a look again. This is another Susan Boyle moment.

So enjoy…and let me know what you think. The Brits got it right again.

Child Beauty Pageants, Would You Call This Child Exploitation?

Child Beauty Pageants, Would You Call This Child Exploitation?
Child Beauty Pageants, Would You Call This Child Exploitation?

Child Beauty Pageants, Would You Call This Child Exploitation?

Where have some of the carefree, innocent children gone?

I’ll tell you where they’ve all gone, to the runways and stages of beauty pageants! Children as young as 5 years old are being done up with all the beauty secrets of makeup artists, dressed in glitzy and often revealing clothing, and made to parade in front of judges and the viewing audiences.
Whether it is something that these kids want to do themselves or it’s just a way for the parents to live vicariously through their offspring, child beauty pageants seem to be shaping the moral fiber of these young and very impressionable minds.

The sad reality is what this experience will do to their moral fiber and self-esteem once they get older and have been brainwashed into believing that beauty is something that is judged on the outer layer. We all have the propensity to be shallow individuals but we are old enough to know the difference between right and wrong; whereas these young impressionable minds are still in development and haven’t yet grasped this fundamental concept.

You know what I think — now it’s your turn to share your thoughts. Would you enter your child into a pageant? How do you feel about child exploitation… err, I mean child beauty pageants?

The stage is now set, so what do you think?

X Factor Votes, Leroy Out, Who’s Next?

X Factor Votes, Leroy Out, Who's Next?
X Factor Votes, Leroy Out, Who's Next?

X Factor Votes, Leroy Out, Who’s Next? 

I feel like I lost a good friend. Sometimes life is just not fair. They voted off Leroy last night on X factor. I can understand Dakota Rain being voted off but Leroy come on give me a break. The good news is he will have a good career and we will be hearing a lot more from him. Talent does not begin to describe him. If he was thirty years old he would have won.

So who will win X factor? I think Josh Kratjicks will win hands down. The only thing that may detour his win is his scruffy look but that may also be working for him. No more burritos in Josh’s future. Personally I do not think anyone can hold a candle to him. He sings with passion and he is an original.

So I throw it out to you so what do you thinkers…who do you honestly feel will win the X Factor? Lets get after it.