Sound Engineers –Very funny

So often we hear these great recordings of singers and then we go to their concerts and it never sounds the same. A good sound engineer is worth their weight in Gold. I think they may be able to make me sound good… ok that’s a stretch. This a funny but very close to the real thing when it comes to recording some very famous people who desire to sing but need the help of a creative sound engineer. –Enjoy!

Jimmy Fallon… Saturday Night Live Audition

Jimmy Fallon is one talented guy. If you ever wondered how talented, take a look at his Saturday Night Live
audition. I knew he was talented but this was over the top. If you want to know how to do an audition this would be a good tape to watch.

The thing I like about Jimmy Fallon is he seems like a great guy. The fact that he is so talented could cause one to be a little conceited but you don’t get any of that from Jimmy. It is good to know that people with talent and a little humility and somewhat shy at times can go a long ways in Hollywood.

It is a great day in Vancouver sit back and relax and enjoy a little Jimmy Fallon.

So what do you think?

Charley Chaplin—A Great Speech

Charley Chaplin was one of the worlds great comedians. He was actually before my time but his work lives on. In one of his movies he gave this amazing speech, I do not agree with everything but there is a lot that rings true to me. When you listen to his speech what are your thoughts? Does his speech move you? Do you think that it relates to today? The idea that we have created so much but we yet have such great needs. We have invented great devices but we cannot seem to get along. The hatred the bitterness, world hunger, abortion, the staggering crime rate, the national debt.
It seems like humanity should be able to elevate these major problems. People camp overnight to pay for a phone but can’t spare the time to help the homeless or those less fortunate. We have seen great medical breakthroughs but we have seen a major moral collapse. People have tried to move God out of our society and in doing so we have seen divorce, child abuse, abuse of women, a total decline in morality.

So what is the answer. In the book I read a lot it says something like this, “if my people would humble themselves and pray” It goes on to talk about God would heal their land. The key is to get in touch again with the one who created us. In my opinion we were created to have a relationship with God. I believe that he is not a distant force that does not communicate. I believe He wants to communicate and be part of our lives. This relationship can be dynamic and it can lead to amazing peace and joy. It is not a cure-all to problems but it is a stabling factor in the midst of problems. I am not talking about a rule structured religion, I am talking about a relationship based on love.

The Carless Driver Prank….So Funny

What was one of your favourite pranks that you have pulled or that you have seen recorded on you tube. Send me the link and I will post it on I have also seen some pranks go bad. A pastor friend who was a prankster set up an air horn in his coat closet and was going to do the prank with one of his co-workers. As the day went on he forgot about the air horn in the closet which was set to go off when someone opened the door. He had an afternoon appointment with an elderly lady who was distressed about her living conditions and wanted some prayer. She came into the office and the pastor said to her, hang up your jacket in the closet. So you can see where this is going. The lady just about had a heart attack when she opened the door and the air horn went off.
That pastor has now sworn off pranks.

If you have a prank story that has worked and was fun or that backfired write it up in the comment section and share your story. If you have not seen this prank on you tube, enjoy it is very well done and it took a lot of work. So what do you think?

TO The Moon Alice-Jackie Gleason

Cast of Honeymooners. This show was a platform for many of the super stars of the past 60 years.

I thought it would be a good idea to have some fun and bring some comedy to, . Sit back and for those of you who remember enjoy a flash from the past, for those of you who missed the magic of the Honeymooners, enjoy a little bit of nostalgia from a comedic genius. As Jackie would say hubba hubba hubba……So what do you think?

Well I’ll be doggone!

Perhaps in the future we could teach them to drive cabs. They could upgrade to buses and perhaps we could train them to stop when the lights turn yellow, which seems to be a difficult thing for the human bus drivers to learn.

The only thing that bothers me is if my dog Biscuit starts wanting the keys. I love Biscuit but I am not sure lending her the keys is a good thing, she has a wild side. My children are convinced that the dogs in this video drive better than me. They may be right but I am comforted that that they drive better than 90% of the people in downtown Vancouver.

So its monday and I thought I would post this video. It just seems to fit a monday mood. so what do you think?

The election and pro wrestling!

Romney is the wacky cult leader who believes God is a man who lives on another planet. Obama is the closest Muslim and is a black guy who loves basketball but is accused of being the wolf in sheep’s clothing.. Then you have the reporters of the event. CNN which is so left-wing and bias that it is comical to say the least. Then there is Fox news with the brash Obama haters spilling out crazy stuff. Oh let us not forget the Donald.
The man has a God complex and is so frustrated today because he was not able to buy the presidency. He so wanted to name the white house the Trump House.

The issues were the economy and jobs . One side said you are the cause and the other said no you are the cause and we had to dig out. The debates would have been better if they had been able to actually fight it out. No holds barred, cage match. It would have been much more entertaining and I also believe it would have had more substance.

In the end , six billion dollars later we ended up right where we started. Mitt can go back to counting his money and Obama can get on with running the country. It was an interesting event….but far to pricy but hey have you tried buying tickets to a pro sporting event ? Perhaps they can redeem some of the money by making a reality television show.. The cast of characters are great fun to watch.

The Walking Dead, So Are Zombies That Interesting?

The Walking Dead, So Are Zombies That Interesting?
The Walking Dead, So Are Zombies That Interesting?

The Walking Dead, So Are Zombies That Interesting?

I have recently been watching some of the segments from the series “The Walking Dead.” I have not been a zombie movie fan but this series has me hooked. The story line is great and the cliff hanger endings drive me nuts. The idea that the world is filled with walking dead people who are very hungry is a little weird but it works.
The series brings up some interesting moral questions. If you kill one of the walking dead who used to be a person who was alive are you actually killing a person? I mean how do you kill a dead person?

So this past summer we had this thing going on in Vancouver and it had to do with Zombies. I thought I would have a little fun and do some interviews with some folks about Zombies. It seems like a hot topic again and the question I have for you is, have you ever seen a Zombie? Do you have any Zombie friends? Do you think we as a society have treated Zombies well? Would you live next door to a Zombie? So what is your favorite Zombie movie of all time? SO what do you think?