The Railway Man


The Railway man is one powerful movie. It has two great themes, war is hell and the road to freedom is forgiveness. The acting is simply amazing and the story is so powerful.

It is not a movie for the weak at heart and I suggest you bring some extra kleenex.
My father was in World War Two and he was never the same after the war. The dreams haunted him for most of his life. This movie brings the reality of what people, mostly young men and women go through on the front lines of battle. I mentioned forgiveness…one of the big lines in the movie is “we can’t go on hating forever.” Powerful stuff take a look at the trailer and then I suggest you see the movie. It is an amazing film.

Running And Reading — Will Smith’s wisdom

Will Smith talks about reading and running. Ok I can read but running is difficult. The discipline of a daily run is something I admire. Personally I swim and everyday is a chore to make it to the Y but everyday I do I feel so much better for it.

I love the passion in Will’s voice. Hopefully this inspires a whole lot of people to some sort of disciplined exercise. So here is to reading and running… go for it.

Shane… my all time favourite Western

Shane is an awesome movie, one of the best western’s ever made.
This movie came out in the early fifties and I was a young boy when I saw it in the first time. The sound of the gun battle at the end bring’s back a lot of memories.

I found this movie for sale in a local store and I had to buy it. I have no idea how many times I have seen this movie but I have never gotten tired of watching it. So it begs the question what movie is special in your life? Many people say, The Shaw Shank Redemption or The Sound Of Music or perhaps Shendlers List. My favourite comedy would be, trains, boats planes and automobiles, with Steve Martin and the late John Candy.

My favourite sports movie by far is Hoosiers. Gene Hackman is also one of my favourite actors and he is great in Hoosiers. The other sports movie is Rudy, what an inspiring tale. The movie Secretariat was also first class. My choice for a holiday movie is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

Inspirational movies are Good Morning Viet Nam and Dead Poets Society. There is one scene in Good Morning Vietnam where Robin Williams talks to a truck load of soldiers and try’s to cheer them up. A very moving scene, the soldiers were just kids and they were at war.

My favourite actors are Morgan Freemen, Gene Hackman, Meryl Streep,Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis….to name a few. So movies play a big role in our lives. We laugh, cry and we are entertained and often we are touched in a very deep place of our soul. Oh… did I mention Al Pacino and his roll in The Godfather?
Hooray. So I have given my short list of movies and actors that have moved me what is yours? So What Do You Think?

Charley Chaplin—A Great Speech

Charley Chaplin was one of the worlds great comedians. He was actually before my time but his work lives on. In one of his movies he gave this amazing speech, I do not agree with everything but there is a lot that rings true to me. When you listen to his speech what are your thoughts? Does his speech move you? Do you think that it relates to today? The idea that we have created so much but we yet have such great needs. We have invented great devices but we cannot seem to get along. The hatred the bitterness, world hunger, abortion, the staggering crime rate, the national debt.
It seems like humanity should be able to elevate these major problems. People camp overnight to pay for a phone but can’t spare the time to help the homeless or those less fortunate. We have seen great medical breakthroughs but we have seen a major moral collapse. People have tried to move God out of our society and in doing so we have seen divorce, child abuse, abuse of women, a total decline in morality.

So what is the answer. In the book I read a lot it says something like this, “if my people would humble themselves and pray” It goes on to talk about God would heal their land. The key is to get in touch again with the one who created us. In my opinion we were created to have a relationship with God. I believe that he is not a distant force that does not communicate. I believe He wants to communicate and be part of our lives. This relationship can be dynamic and it can lead to amazing peace and joy. It is not a cure-all to problems but it is a stabling factor in the midst of problems. I am not talking about a rule structured religion, I am talking about a relationship based on love.

The Spirit OF RUDY

The big game is ready to start. Number one against number two. Notre Dame verses Alabama. In football it does not get bigger than this. Alabama is favoured to win but the Irish have the spirit of Rudy behind them. I think Rudy is one of the best sports movies I have ever seen. It is based on a true story. The story of a young man who had a dream and like many dreams he had many opportunities to give up and let his dream pass him by. He choose not to do that and against all odds, he was undersized and he was not a gifted athlete but what Rudy had was heart and heart will take you along ways in life. Rudy is so inspirational that if you don’t shed a tear watching the movie their is something wrong with your tear ducts.

There will always be people trying to tell you why you can’t do something. The dream snatchers are always around. I believe the saying is true, “If you believe you can you can and if you believe you can’t you can’t, both statements are true. I respect people who have a vision and they do something with it. Many people will pass from this earth with a vision still inside them but it never became a reality. The big reasons for dreams never becoming a reality is words like fear, comfort, your to old, your to young, you do not have enough money, your not educated enough but these are just words. Rudy did not have enough money, talent and he was not born into a family that had a history of going to college. He did not listen to certain words, he believed that he would play for Notre Dame and his dream came true.

What are you facing in life? Don’t let your fears become your reality, let your faith and dreams lead the way. Fear will rob you faith will reward you, it is your decision. You can live on someday Isle, or you can live on today I will. So the game is ready to start and I am cheering for Notre Dame. Lets see how the boys do. The Spirit of Rudy I believe will lead them on. They made it this far, now it is one more game. Go Irish!

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel…Wow what a movie

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel PosterHowever, the group discovers something better than a luxury hotel, they find themselves again, they not only discover an amazing country, they discover things about themselves that many of them thought was lost or passed by. They found that life at any age can and should be a rich experience.

This movie touched me in two vital areas. I have been struggling with growing older, and this film spoke to my heart about living life and to keep dreaming and keep taking risk… to go out with a bang not a whimper… To live, to live life now, because today is a gift and this day will never be lived again, so make the most out of it.

The other thing is I have spent time in India. My business partner, Greg Meeres and myself filmed at an orphanage for girls in Coimbatore, the “Michael Job Centre.” As I was watching the film my mind kept taking me to that center and the experience that we had as we experienced, what some call, a miracle. Actually, in my opinion it was over three hundred miracles. Young girls who seemed destined to live a life of extreme poverty with little hope for the future. These young children are now living a life filled with hope.

So a great movie takes you somewhere, in my case this one took me many places and it was an emotional experience, of the kind that comes along far to seldom in the current world of movie making. May I suggest “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.” Please let me know where this movie takes you, I would love to hear your take on this amazing film.

The Sunset Limited….Nothing is Black or White

All I have to say is WOW! The movie, “The Sunset Limited,” is a movie that makes one think about what they are thinking about. Samuel Jackson and Tommy Lee Jones are amazing. This is a movie that based on a play and it is dialogue driven and the writing is over the top.

As a Christian I found this movie to be challenging. The one line by Samuel Jackson is gold, he says, “I am a believer and I am a questionnaire.” I think this is something that all Christians should think about. So often I see people moving forward with what I believe is blind faith. They believe because they have been taught something. They never question they just take the teaching to be true. This is sad.

Samuel Jackson does a great job of presenting his case for Christianity and Tommy Lee Jones does an amazing job presenting the case of the atheists.

The ending leaves you in a state where you beg to discuss the film. I would love to discuss it with you. So if you can see the film that would be great and then lets form a discussion group. So What Do You Think?

Undefeated….but not under-rated

This is an amazing movie about a school football team in the poor section of Memphis. It is also about the devotion of a coach to his players. It is a story of inspiration, but more than that it is a story of the reality of what young people are subject to when they come from the inner city schools.

One of the lines in the documentary says, “football does not build character but it does reveal character.” The story is about young men who have the cards stacked against them simply because of what they were born into. The way out is not always easy but it is attainable. The coach of the team was is a father figure to many, a mentor and a lifeline to a better life.

Undefeated is so much more than a sports movie… it is a movie about life in the inner city and it is a movie worth spending a few bucks on. So What do you think?

Academy Award Winning Movies, Who’s Next on the Red Carpet in 2012?

Academy Award Winning Movies, Who's Next on the Red Carpet?
Academy Award Winning Movies, Who's Next on the Red Carpet?

Academy Award Winning Movies, Who’s Next on the Red Carpet in 2012?

Who do you think will win the Academy Award for best picture. The nominees are The Artist, The Decedents, Extremely Loud and Incredibly close, The Help, Midnight in Paris, Money ball, The Tree of life, and War Horse.

When you give us your predictions could you please tell us why you think it deserves to be the best picture from last year?

The question I would ask is how do you judge one picture over another? Is it personal taste? Does it have to do more with Hollywood lobbying? This year it seems like there is no obvious front runner.

In the past it seems like there is always a movie that stands out and is almost a no brainer. This year It seems to be the year of good films but there is nothing great.

So what do you think? I look forward to hearing what your thoughts are in regards to the best movie from last year.

One more question. How many of the movies nominated did you see? One more, are you still enjoy going to the movies or are you waiting to see them in the comfort of your own home? Whoops maybe one more , what major changes would you like to see when it comes to going to the movies?

A lot to talk about so lets get after it. So what do you think?

2011 Movie Review, Which Film Deserves Two Thumbs Up?

2011 Movie Review, Which Film Deserves Two Thumbs Up?
2011 Movie Review, Which Film Deserves Two Thumbs Up?

2011 Movie Review, Which Film Deserves Two Thumbs Up?

The Golden Globes just came out and there were not a whole lot of surprises. Meryl Streep, George Clooney and after that who cares. I did not see a movie this year that really touched me. We had a whole lot of 3d films but very little that actually jumped off the screen and said watch me I am good.

It seems like the art of script writing has taken a back seat to special effects and old story lines that keep reappearing. How many times can we see Jack Sparrow in a movie? Leonardo and Meryl are great actors but they were cast in movies that were poorly directed and scripted. Great historical characters were being betrayed but by watching the two movies, J..Edgar and The Iron Lady I left with out sensing what made these people great characters in history.

The movie the Help was well done A good script and wonderfully acted. It showed us the dark side of humanity and it reminded me of the stupidity that is racism. I did not think George Clooney was that great in Dependents but it had its moments.

The sic fi movies were ok. Cowboys and Aliens were mindless entertainment and good escapism but super eight was well directed and acted. Midnight In Paris a Woody Allen movie was not bad. I actually enjoyed parts of this movie and it was good fantasy. Not a bad rental at all.

The movie that made me think about my life as a father and husband was the spiritual movie Courageous…this movie is very religious but it is well done and deeply convicting in many ways. Soul Surfer was enjoyable and motivational.

So that is my quick overview for 2011. So what do you think? What was your favourite movie? Which one did you enjoy the least? Do you still enjoy going to the movies? What could the theatres do to make it more enjoyable? What movie would you like to have made? So what do you think?