Why America is not the greatest country in the world anymore!

In 2012 an innovative television series called The Newsroom opened its first show with a segment called “Why America IS Not Great Anymore.”

This was some brilliant writing and it shocked a lot of folks. The amazing thing is the truth that was shared needed to be heard. Its to bad this series is not being shown. It was simply brilliant.

Sound Engineers –Very funny

So often we hear these great recordings of singers and then we go to their concerts and it never sounds the same. A good sound engineer is worth their weight in Gold. I think they may be able to make me sound good…ok that’s a stretch. This a funny but very close to the real thing when it comes to recording some very famous people who desire to sing but need the help of a creative sound engineer. Enjoy!

The Railway Man


The Railway man is one powerful movie. It has two great themes, war is hell and the road to freedom is forgiveness. The acting is simply amazing and the story is so powerful.

It is not a movie for the weak at heart and I suggest you bring some extra kleenex.
My father was in World War Two and he was never the same after the war. The dreams haunted him for most of his life. This movie brings the reality of what people, mostly young men and women go through on the front lines of battle. I mentioned forgiveness…one of the big lines in the movie is “we can’t go on hating forever.” Powerful stuff take a look at the trailer and then I suggest you see the movie. It is an amazing film.

Gene Simmons Is A Tebow Fan

So if you would have told me that Gene Simmons of Kiss fame would be defending Tim Tebow I am not sure I would believe you…but here it is on video the proof…Gene Simmons is a Tebow supporter. Do you know what I support Gene Simmons. I enjoyed his TV show and I was hooked when he started to share his love for Shannon and the journey he and Shannon took to get married and in the process heal their relationship. The Bible says the truth will set you free and Gene shared his dark secrets with the one he loved and I believe God restored what could have been a disaster of a relationship.


Running And Reading — Will Smith’s wisdom

Will Smith talks about reading and running. Ok I can read but running is difficult. The discipline of a daily run is something I admire. Personally I swim and everyday is a chore to make it to the Y but everyday I do I feel so much better for it.

I love the passion in Will’s voice. Hopefully this inspires a whole lot of people to some sort of disciplined exercise. So here is to reading and running… go for it.

Céline Dion & Andrea Bocelli – The Prayer (Live NYC Central Park 2011)

Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli team up in Central Park and I can only wish that I was there. This is perhaps the next best thing. Perhaps you would like to share with me one of your favourite performances and I will look it up and post it on my site. (If you tube has it)

I think the best thing for you to do is put on the headsets sit back and simply soak this in…

So what do you think.

Jimmy Fallon… Saturday Night Live Audition

Jimmy Fallon is one talented guy. If you ever wondered how talented, take a look at his Saturday Night Live
audition. I knew he was talented but this was over the top. If you want to know how to do an audition this would be a good tape to watch.

The thing I like about Jimmy Fallon is he seems like a great guy. The fact that he is so talented could cause one to be a little conceited but you don’t get any of that from Jimmy. It is good to know that people with talent and a little humility and somewhat shy at times can go a long ways in Hollywood.

It is a great day in Vancouver sit back and relax and enjoy a little Jimmy Fallon.

So what do you think?

This Lady Can Sing

When people say someone has the gift of music I sometimes wonder what they mean by that. Well that was answered when I first heard Candice Glover sing. She comes from a different world. She had tried out for American Idol three times and on the third try she won it all. Candice comes from a family that is as grass roots as you can get. Her family is not rich in finances but then how do you describe rich. She is abundantly wealthy is the things that count. She has a loving family and she has a deep rooted relationship with God.

When you believe is an amazing song. I have a sign above my roll top desk that simply says believe and that is an amazing statement, believe. Great things happen when you believe. The main thing about believing is what you believe in. For me I believe in God and I believe we are not here on earth by accident. We are not part of the big bang but the big plan. God has a purpose for our lives and it is in finding that purpose that life takes on meaning. I believe God loves us, gays, straight, black, yellow, white or mixed He is no respecter of persons.

So sit back put on your headphones if you have them and listen to this lady sing. This is actually more than just singing this is a gift from God to all of us who have the opportunity and time to listen.


I am sitting in my loft on a beautiful evening in Vancouver B.C. I am looking out over the water at the mountains and I am thinking what a place Terry and I live in. They call it Super Natural British Columbia.
Today I was thinking, how complex nature is. The fact that we are on this ball called Earth and it is spinning and moving and it is so precise that if one little minor thing goes wrong it is over as far as this earth is concerned. So the age-old argument if you see something that is of great design there must be a designer. I am not a scientist but logic does work for me.

Take a look at the video and enjoy the beauty. Then if you are a believer in God enjoy the detail of His creation. If you do not believe in God enjoy the beauty and enjoy the idea that nothing created all of this and it was just a result of a big bang and everything coming together just right and it is all random selection and Darwin and survivor of the fittest and this is all there is so I better enjoy it .

Again I cannot argue science with you I am just not that smart, but I may be able to talk logic and logic tells me design equals designer…it works for me.

Have a great day and Enjoy.

A Gospel Choir Surprises Simon Cowell

With all the news recently I thought we could use some inspiration. What better way to do that then with a Gospel choir. This is a group that appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. It is amazing what music can do. Music crosses so many barriers. Perhaps if we could just get nations to start singing together we could start to see some unity.

There is nothing that moves me like a good Gospel Choir. It is the way Church was meant to be, a lot of passion and excitement. I think you need to throw in some creative dance moves and a good tambourine and don’t leave out the Hammond B-3. (I think it’s a Hammond B-3 but don’t quote me)

Well the point is enjoy. I saw this video on Godvine.com and if you want to see some cool stuff take a peek at their site. Have a great day….and keep on singing.

So What DO YOu Think?

Shane… my all time favourite Western

Shane is an awesome movie, one of the best western’s ever made.
This movie came out in the early fifties and I was a young boy when I saw it in the first time. The sound of the gun battle at the end bring’s back a lot of memories.

I found this movie for sale in a local store and I had to buy it. I have no idea how many times I have seen this movie but I have never gotten tired of watching it. So it begs the question what movie is special in your life? Many people say, The Shaw Shank Redemption or The Sound Of Music or perhaps Shendlers List. My favourite comedy would be, trains, boats planes and automobiles, with Steve Martin and the late John Candy.

My favourite sports movie by far is Hoosiers. Gene Hackman is also one of my favourite actors and he is great in Hoosiers. The other sports movie is Rudy, what an inspiring tale. The movie Secretariat was also first class. My choice for a holiday movie is Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

Inspirational movies are Good Morning Viet Nam and Dead Poets Society. There is one scene in Good Morning Vietnam where Robin Williams talks to a truck load of soldiers and try’s to cheer them up. A very moving scene, the soldiers were just kids and they were at war.

My favourite actors are Morgan Freemen, Gene Hackman, Meryl Streep,Russell Crowe, Johnny Depp, Daniel Day Lewis….to name a few. So movies play a big role in our lives. We laugh, cry and we are entertained and often we are touched in a very deep place of our soul. Oh… did I mention Al Pacino and his roll in The Godfather?
Hooray. So I have given my short list of movies and actors that have moved me what is yours? So What Do You Think?