Why America is not the greatest country in the world anymore!

In 2012 an innovative television series called The Newsroom opened its first show with a segment called “Why America IS Not Great Anymore.”

This was some brilliant writing and it shocked a lot of folks. The amazing thing is the truth that was shared needed to be heard. Its to bad this series is not being shown. It was simply brilliant.

Oprah- Words Of Wisdom

Oprah is an amazing lady. She has overcome great obstacles to become one of the most powerful women in the world today. I have watched a number of her presentations lately and I have been very moved. Oprah is who she is… and she is a deeply spiritual person who has rediscovered her faith in Jesus Christ.

I think because she is so popular she is open to a lot of judgement. I guess it comes with the territory but I decided to listen to what she had to say and I must admit I have been deeply moved. She has a gift and it is the gift of communication but her gift does not come because of her great education her gift comes from God and the ability to be vulnerable and real. I thank God that she was willing to share her gift with the world… the world is a better place because of Oprah.

Sound Engineers –Very funny

So often we hear these great recordings of singers and then we go to their concerts and it never sounds the same. A good sound engineer is worth their weight in Gold. I think they may be able to make me sound good… ok that’s a stretch. This a funny but very close to the real thing when it comes to recording some very famous people who desire to sing but need the help of a creative sound engineer. –Enjoy!

Never Again!

While in Israel filming the movie The Original Promise I was moved to write a commentary. I believe Masada symbolizes the State of Israel. Masada was a fortress for over nine hundred Jews who held off the most powerful army of its time and instead of giving into slavery they sacrificed there own lives and never gave up there freedom. I asked singer songwriter Colin Wiebe to write a song and perform it on Masada. The song Colin wrote is a an amazing piece of music. The words are inspired and prophetic.

Two young lads bring the house down

Two young boys bring down the crowd. The lyrics are about bullying. Have you ever been bullied? I have when I was in high school and believe me it is not fun. I am not for sure why people bully others but it has not stopped and some say it has gotten worse. Perhaps if you have been bullied you could share how it affected you and what you did to get over it, if indeed you have gotten over it.

The Railway Man


The Railway man is one powerful movie. It has two great themes, war is hell and the road to freedom is forgiveness. The acting is simply amazing and the story is so powerful.

It is not a movie for the weak at heart and I suggest you bring some extra kleenex.
My father was in World War Two and he was never the same after the war. The dreams haunted him for most of his life. This movie brings the reality of what people, mostly young men and women go through on the front lines of battle. I mentioned forgiveness…one of the big lines in the movie is “we can’t go on hating forever.” Powerful stuff take a look at the trailer and then I suggest you see the movie. It is an amazing film.

For Women Everywhere!

The picture you see is that of my mom when she was about 90 years of age. She is dancing with Billy Bennett who was her all time favourite singers.

How important are women? Without them we would not be. I am married to an amazing woman. She has broken down many barriers and she is simply amazing. I also have a daughter that has faced some of the toughest things that life can throw at you and she is not only still standing she is standing firm and going forward. She is my hero.

Her great great relative was Patrick Henry (she was truly an AMERICAN WOMAN) and she was a fighter and an amazing lover of people.

So I found this video. It is for the amazing women in my life and I hope it inspires you. Someday America will have a President who is female. I have a feeling that may not be far off.

So view the video and be encouraged, inspired and challenged. May all of our prayers male or female be, God use me to make a difference in the world we live in.

Voted ugliest girl in the world …Amazing story


A story of a young women who accidentally saw a web site that had the caption the worlds ugliest person. When she looked at the site what she saw was a video of herself when she was eleven years old. Then she went further she read the comments. Not one of the comments were positive. Some even shared how she could kill herself. How did she get past this? How would you handle something like this. She was born with a rare disease and had a hard time understanding why people could be this cruel. She asked God a lot of questions and some of the answers
may amaze you.

This young woman is a hero. She is now a public speaker and is enjoying life and all it has to offer. So give a listen and then let me know …So What Do You Think?

A young boy visits heaven


So do you believe in heaven? What happens when we die? Is it possible that life continues on? Perhaps death is just the beginning not the end. This video is about a boy who visited heaven. The doctors said that he had died but during a time he visited with relatives that had passed away and shared things with his parents that blew their minds.

They now have made a movie from the boys experience and I cannot wait to see it. When you get to be my age the topic of heaven is something you need to think about. It is not hard for me to believe in the afterlife because it makes no sense that this miracle called birth ends in nothingness. I believe that this body is just an earth suit but the real you the real me is a spiritual being.

I was in the room when my mother died. She took one last breath and then she was gone. The feeling was that mom had left but her body was still with us. I can’t explain it in words but it was so obvious that the essence of who mom was, was not longer in her body. It was a sad but also in a strange way wonderful experience. I knew that mom had passed on to a better place.

I have read a lot of stories of death bed experiences where people are declared dead but come back to life. The stories are so common. A brilliant light, angelic beings, meeting up with loved ones, the sense of love and peace are overwhelming.

In my mind heaven is for real. What about you? So What Do You Think?

Alice Cooper A Christian

Somebody once said God did not create cookie cutter Christians. Well with that said he broke the mould with Alice Cooper. I was once criticized for using a swear word in a sermon. I think I said, People don’t give a damn…it was street language. I have the feeling I will never be invited to speak in that church again. However this same group loves Bono and they have quoted him many times. Bono is a great guy and one of my hero’s but he drinks a bit and swears a bit and is not your typical christian.

So back to Alice Cooper, he is not what most people think of when they think of Christians. Heavy Metal Band, crazy stunts he pulls on stage, the make up and the name just don’t work for some of my fundamental friends. The only thing I have to say is God is bigger than our judgements. God looks at the heart of person and if we were to get into a relationship by how we acted, or looked we would all be hooped.

I loved hearing Matthew Mcconaughey’s acceptance speech at the Oscars. He first of all thanked God. Well i saw the movie he won the Oscar for and it was pretty raw. The language and some sex scenes but here he is on national television thanking God…It just does not make sense to the religious mind. You see God looks at the heart of a person. King David is highly regarded by most Christians but he committed adultery, raised a rebellious son and had a man killed…not good pastor material.

I am not saying we need to pattern our lives after Alice Cooper, King David or Matthew Mcconaughey. We pattern our lives after Jesus. What I think I am saying is that the Grace of God is greater than we might imagine. Simply put His ways are not our ways.

So I have given up on trying to judge who is a Christian and who is not. I will leave that to God. I am simply trying to love people all people. That includes people of other faiths, cultures, gay or straight, country or city folk all people. So enjoy the interview with Alice Cooper. Then if you feel so lead, leave a comment and tell us So What Do You Think. images-1

Michael Chang –Great Tennis Player …Greater Person

Michael Chang’s heyday on the courts have come and gone but he is still impacting people today. He shares his belief in God and what that means to him. He is the real deal. This video shows you an insight to Michael that possibly you have not seen before. He talks about the time he played Ivan Lendl and Michael was only 17 years of age. This was the turning point of his tennis career.

Michael had heart and he was very competitive but tennis is not what he lives for. So enjoy the video and perhaps draw some nuggets from what he has to say, then visit the Michael Chang family foundation.

So What do you think?

Stop the Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying is an epidemic. It needs to be stopped but how. In this video a brave young lady shares the sickness that is Cyber Bullying. I don’t think parents understand how much of an epidemic this is.


School should not be a place where you try to survive it should be a place where you thrive and lay a foundation for the future. Please lets do all we can to stop the epidemic of Cyber Bullying….

So What do you think.