So What Do You Think makes YOU the news commentator… We try to deliver your commentary, your thoughts and perspectives, make your opinion heard and your voice count. We are not connected with any political agenda, and the interviews we conduct are candid and at random. Although we will ask questions that may not be politically correct, we do not cut nor edit the responses — OK we will cut the responses that are plain rude or that include utterances such as hate speech, but otherwise the video you see on this page is naked.

We invite you to be active and to comment on everything we post, and our commitment to you is that we will post any comments that you make. Don’t like our site, our position, the clip, the colour of Doug’s jacket? — make your voice heard, that is why we have built this space.

We have enabled commenting for the various content pages, so start now. Watch the videos, scroll down and make your voice heard… or you can upload your response video to YouTube and send us a link to the video in our contact form, or the comments of the post we have.

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